How to Use Heels to Dress Up Your Outfit

Where do you draw inspiration for your OOTDs? Some people get it from magazines, others from fashion and lifestyle videos online, and some on social media.


Finding the right pair of heels to elevate an attire can be tricky. Typical questions include whether they will look good on you or if you can carry them well. However, your top concern should be whether they're comfortable for you.


Learning how to glam up an outfit with heels doesn't happen overnight. How is that possible when choosing a pair already takes days? Admit it: finding the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion is difficult.


But you don't have to worry, as our team at Wildfire will help you address the issue.


Allow us to assist you with tips on how to level up your ensemblewith Wildfire heels from our extensive collection.


With our available variety, you will always have options.


Please read on to learn more!


 Choose the Right Colours


 There's no one definite rule when choosing the right colour of heels to match your attire.


However, if there is one, the most important rule is to follow your heart!


Fashion is a form of expression, and the colour of the heels you choose should represent you.


But if there's one thing you should remember, your shoe colour should match instead of clash with your clothes.


For instance, if you're wearing clothes that's bright and has a bold pattern, it's best to put on a pair of black heels. 


Conversely, consider wearing tan or natural shoes if you plan on wearing something sparkly.


Evaluate your attire. If you feel it's plain, use your shoes as a pop of colour.


If you're wearing, let's say, a plain black number, we suggest wearing one of Wildfire's pink or orange pairs of heels.


Another trick to know, especially if you're wearing a multi-coloured getup, is highlighting one colour in your clothing.


If you're wearing a blouse with geometric patterns in the colours purple and blue, you can choose either and then match it with a purple or blue pair of heels.


Wildfire has fourteen colours available, and you can choose one or more pairs to your liking.


These colours are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


  1. Select the Right Style of High Heels


Exploring the various Wildfire stunning heels is like falling down a rabbit hole you never want to leave. 


In choosing the style for you, a top priority should be comfort.


Is this your first time wearing heels?


If so, consider how willing you are to practise and put on your shoes before the event. We've got your shoe size!


The assortment of footwear available at Wildfire can satisfy all kinds of looks you want to achieve.   


Our collection of women's heels can uniquely glam up your outfits with their style and charm.


Let us walk you through the different styles.


Style 1 - Low 


The most comfortable are the low heels, which are only 2.5–5 cm high.


These shoes provide a slight elevation that doesn't have a steep incline, which is good for your feet and legs! 


Aside from making you look good, these shoes will save you from muscle strain and back aches.


One of our more popular styles is the kitten, with low, tapered heels, which you can wear straight to a night out from the office! 


Style 2 - Block Heels


Are you scared of the pain that high heels can bring?


The silver lining is that not all of them are painful.


The gods were so kind to create block heels with a width so thick that they distribute your weight evenly and relieve pressure from your feet! 


This style should always be in your closet because it's perfect for special events that take place outside.


By wearing block heels, you can match your attire while protecting yourself from getting stuck on soil, grass, sand, and pavement cracks!


Style 3 - High Heels


We understand the slight fear associated with high heels because they are higher than 7 cm. 


The top reasons people endure wearing them are confidence and empowerment. 


Block heels fall under highs, so not all of them are painful.


Wildfire's high heels are stunning and would complement any attire you choose to match them with.


However, set aside time to prepare because high heels alter your balance and move your centre of gravity. 


Break in your women's heels and wear thick socks as you practise walking on different floors at home—carpet, wood, and linoleum. 


Style 4 - Stiletto 


Have you heard of "No Pain, No Gain?" 


This quote is apt for wearing stilettos, the sexiest, albeit most painful—women's heels. 


However, there is a way to make your life easier when wearing them.


Purchase stoppers, grips, and innersoles at Wildfire because these can help make wearing stiletto heels more bearable, and you need all the help you can get. 


How can stilettos complete your ensemble?


These women's heels go well with clothes that naturally lengthen you, like pencil skirts and slim jeans.  


The stiletto gives the impression that your legs are longer, making them look more attractive.


Additional Tips (Including Other Styles Like Mid Heels, Square Toe Heels...)


When choosing your style, consider how it will look on you. Heels come in many forms, aside from the styles mentioned there are also platform heels (also called platform shoes), open toe heels, court heels, kitten heels, wedges, etc.—no reason you can't put your best foot forward in one of these styles! Then there's the features in the styles of women's heels themselves.


For instance, ankle straps tend to cut off the leg, so these heels are unsuitable for people with short legs, or oval-shaped or square-toed shoes are perfect for people with large feet.


The best way to dress up a casual outfit is to wear heels with jeans and a fitted shirt. This can be an excellent choice for a special occasion!


Even in casual settings, Wildfire heels can level up your wardrobe and will definitely make a fashion statement.


Start elevating your outfits!


All the information we shared gave you a broader understanding of how to use heels to match a formal attire.


So jump in on the trend and get yourself your future favourite pair now! Shop online or visit one of our stores nearest you!

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