How to Walk in Heels Confidently!

Step into the season with confidence! Are you sick of having to wear flats and sandals instead of party heels? Today, Wildfire is here to help you figure out how to get the best experience out of your stilettos, platforms, and other tall shoes. By the time we’re done, you will be ready to hit the town in the right set of heels. Forget about sore feet, embarrassing falls, and wardrobe malfunctions. Our easy tips will lead you to the perfect pair every time! So, who’s ready to get started?

Pick a pair of heels that works for you! 


Every person has a unique taste in footwear and different issues with wearing platforms. What troubles have you had with heels in the past? The most common problems are endurance and balance. If endurance is your issue, then that means you find it difficult to spend more than a few hours in a tall pair of heels without having to take a break or abandon your shoes entirely.  When balance is a problem, you’re the type of person who gets the wobbles walking across lawns, trips at least once in the night, or usually ends up going barefoot outside. Consider which of these seems to fit you the closest— it could be both! 

What type of heels should you wear?


Shorter platforms will ease muscle strain and allow for longer-lasting comfort. Broader heels offer better balance and more support on uneven surfaces. So, either start looking for shoes on the shorter end of the spectrum or something with a thicker base. Your next event or outing will be much more manageable in these sorts of heels, we promise! Besides, our block-based styles are as beautiful as our skinniest stilettos— the only real difference between them is the platform. Would you like to hear about some of our favourite options this season?

Mules are mid-high, block-based, and super fashionable!


With their thick heels, minimalist design and trending look, mules are a popular choice in 2020. Not only are these a gorgeous choice for work functions, weddings, and parties, but they can dress down as casual shoes too. The short and wide heels guarantee hours of steady and cosy wear, so walking around, standing, or dancing will be no struggle with mules underfoot!

Kitten heels are a great choice for formal events and work settings! 


Short little stilettos like these have an air of elegance without compromising your balance! We’ve got several great designs in this look at Wildfire. Do you love styles with that vintage-made-new feel? If so, our sling-back kitten heels are a must-have for your collection. They make fantastic office heels and cute evening styles. Our strappy cocktail designs are another good option. With their slim straps and flattering shape, they’re sure to be an instant hit in your wardrobe!

And remember, there are ways to stay comfortable without grabbing a shorter or wider pair of heels: 


You can also safeguard your comfort using care accessories!


If you are determined to wear tall heels but are worried that your ankles and muscles will get sore, then our footcare accessories will be a dream come true! These cushioning inserts sit directly under your feet, which means they are a subtle addition even if you have open-style heels. Here at Spendless, we have a mixture of fabric innersoles and gel-infused inserts, which support your feet to different degrees. We highly recommend the gel-infused innersoles for weddings and other long events, as they offer all-encompassing support for your feet. 

What do you think?


Do you plan to up your endurance by buying a wider platform, elevate balance with thicker heels, or shop for supportive care accessories instead? Whichever way appeals to you, Wildfire is here to help!