How To Wear Block Heels And Protect Your Feet At The Same Time!

Wear block heels and protect your feet! Traditionally, shoes with tall stiletto heels may look great but are not a great shoe option. Its steep and thin stiletto elevation puts a lot of added pressure on the balls of your feet, causing blisters and aching arches. 


As the old saying goes, beauty is a pain! 


But is this the price we pay for beauty? There has to be another option that is more comfortable and stable for us ladies. Well, what if we told you that there is? Block heels!  


Since entering the shoe scene a few years ago, they've had some minor adjustments, but it's become a cult hit amongst women, and it seems like they are here to stay. 


Great news! So how can you wear block heels and protect your feet at the same time, you ask?


Well, read on, and we will show you exactly how you can continue wearing your favourite block heels and protecting your feet at the same time. 




The height of your shoes plays a great deal in protection and comfort levels for your feet. The elevation of your shoes plays a great deal in discomfort levels, so that's why block heels are a great alternative to stilettos. 


What's great about block heels these days is the variation of heights. Wildfire has a range of heights varying from kitten to mid to high, so whatever height you have in mind, Wildfire has the shoe for you! 


Kitten Block Heels 


Kitten block heels are very on-trend at the moment. Its relaxed, barely-there height will protect your tootsies throughout the whole day. These styles come in a range of fun, bold colours for summer and just as much fun shoe styles like strappy wrap-up or slip-on styles or chunky braided foot straps across your toes. Our kitten block heels look great in any outfit choice. Dress them up with fun mini dresses or skirts for the warmer weather, or opt to wear them with jeans or linen pants for a relaxed laid-back look. 


Kitten styles are versatile and are a great go-to shoe. In our opinion, all women should have these shoes easily accessible in their wardrobes! 


Mid-Block Heels


Block heels in mid heights are very similar to the kitten height; the only difference is the slightly taller height. If the kitten height is just too small for you, then take it up a notch and opt for a mid-height. These block heels will keep you feeling just as supported throughout the day as a kitten style will. 


And in similar strappy designs as our kitten styles, you won't go wrong with a pair of our mid-block heels. These shoes will seamlessly take you from the office to the weekend and even evening wear. 


With kitten styles slowly creeping their way back into 2021, why not embrace these new low heights and choose comfort on your next night out. 


Trust us, it's time to ditch those thin stiletto highs! Opt for a pair of kitten or block heels; your shoes will be the least of your worries on a night out. Be completely comfortable and protect your feet all at the same time! 


High Block Heels 


If we haven't quite convinced you to try a shorter height, that's ok, then we still have higher block heels for you! But you will feel much better knowing that your feet will be completely protected since the shoes' thick block heels will keep you stable throughout the day. The shoes delicate ankle strappy will secure your ankle in place. Other detailed straps across the front of your feet will keep the rest of your feet secure, so there is no room for error when it comes to keeping your precious feet protected in our block heels.


Like our kitten and mid-height ranges, these shoes come in a range of colours, styles, textures and fabrics, so we are sure you will find your perfect fitting shoe in whatever design you desire.


The Best Way To Wear Block Heels


Our block heels are designed to be fun, so have fun with this footwear staple! Don't be afraid to experiment with colour. Our colourful collection will help you make a statement. Block heels are designed to be worn with absolutely anything in your wardrobe, think to work, to after-work drinks, to casual weekend wear to event wear. 


Style our block heels with your slim-legged work pants and a structured shirt for work, and of course, this look can easily be taken out of the office to after-work drinks. Or style a pair of kitten block heels with some high-waisted straight-legged jeans and tuck in a relaxed tee or tank for your favourite effortless weekend wear. For nights out, pair our block heels with a sleek midi dress for a minimal on-trend style. 


These versatile block heels will take you from the boardroom to the weekend with complete ease! 


So, ditch the painful, uncomfortable stilettos and opt for a trendy pair of block heels. It's time to take a step in the right direction. Stilettos may make your pins look phenomenal, but it's time to start protecting your feet. You spend so much time in stilts for hours on end, so start protecting your feet and still look 10/10, trust us, you won't be able to take these babies off!


Head over to Wildfire today to find yourself a pair of block heels at affordable prices. Why spend top dollar on shoes? We're guilty of buying top shoe trends as soon as they come out each season. So, if you are anything like us, purchase a pair of block heels from Wildfire at incredibly affordable prices. And if that's not enough, we also have flexible payment systems like Afterpay and Zip, so you can pay off your new shoes as quickly or slowly as you please. 


Look fantastic and be comfortable throughout the day, and even better, protect your feet. 


It's time to switch. Your feet will love you for it!