How To Wear Heels And Not Be Uncomfortable!

Tips On wearing High Heels


What’s the most important thing to consider when shopping for work heels? Simple; you should prioritise comfort. Beyond looking professional and feeling confident, your own wellbeing has to be at the forefront of your mind when you browse for work heels. If not, you risk sabotaging yourself.


If you are employed in a formal office or corporate setting, then there’s a chance that work heels are part of your dress code. Even if this isn’t the case, they’ll end up on your feet at some point.


But why do we wear work heels in the first place?


Work heels look professional. Where flats can fall short on the formal-frontier, stilettos and other towering styles can dress up relaxed or everyday outfits and make them seem more put-together. The right pair allows you to wear the clothes you want and stop worrying about whether it’s too casual.


There's also the height and confidence boost. If you have an important meeting or day coming up, a lift in statue can improve your self-esteem and your performance all at once. Work heels can make you stand taller and improve posture as well, and studies show this positively affects your assertiveness.


Now that we know why work heels are important, it’s time to move onto the specifics.


How can you choose the most appropriate design for you and your situation?


First, consider how much movement your transit involves. If you spend an hour or so commuting to the office on public transports such as a bus or train, then a low set of work heels will be a better match than stilettos. If you don’t get a seat, you’ll have to stand during the journey and try to balance as the vehicle moves.


While we love the look of high work heels, they aren’t the most forgiving and you don’t want to start your day by tumbling into strangers.


Next, have a think about how low you spend on your feet during the rest of your nine-to-five.


Would your work heels sit safety behind a desk until it’s time to go home, or will they be carrying you from venue to venue and standing up while you give presentations?


Knowing what your work heels are walking into allows you to prepare an outfit confidently. But, if you’re unsure, then you need styles that are flexible enough to cope with anything and everything.


So, what are your design options?


At Wildfire, our excellent variety of work heels has something for anyone.


If you love the slim look of stilettos but can’t justify work heels that tall, then our low sling-backs could be your ideal choice. Short and lovely, you can pair these off with anything in your corporate wardrobe and look gorgeous doing it. If tall, skinny work heels excite you instead of intimidating you, then our pumps are a classic choice too!


Block-style work heels are our most diverse designs, and they’re our favourites in the office. High or low, shoes with thick bases like these offer steady comfort and support all day long. You might experiment with an open-backed mule or work heels with pointy toes.


Whatever your preference, we have styles that will unleash your wild side!


Beyond picking designs that safeguard your comfort, there’s always the option of accessories.  


Grab our sole salvation kit and enjoy foot care aids such as gel cushions, grips, and plasters. These will stop blisters, muscle strain, and general aches and pain if your work heels are giving you grief!


Why wait?


Shop for Wildfire work heels online today, and breathe new life into your corporate wardrobe! Our gorgeous styles will make you look and feel fantastic.