How to wear heels in the office

Perfect Heels For the Office

Shopping for work wear can be a tiresome experience—especially when it's for shoes. You want something that looks great, feels better, and that you are allowed to wear. Depending on the workplace, you may or may not be subject to a specific dress code. But whether your job demands a neat-casual or relaxed-formal outfit, Wildfire has the perfect styles for you.

The classics

The year-rounders are the kind of heels you can imagine without too much effort. When you think of office heels, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it will be a glossy pump with a delicately pointed tip. At Spendless Shoes, we will do you one better. Our office heels are a mix of classic and modern beauty. We have kitten heels with a lovely vintage slingback feature. Like our beautiful high-shine shoes, these faux suede lovelies come in black and fiery red. Their low little kitten heels are perfect for all-day wear in comfort. Our pumps are a mimic of patented leather, and while their black, red and beige variants come out in a polished sheen. These are a gorgeous twist on classic styles, and we could not be happier to have added them to our line-up.

Autumn, winter, or cold weather

Between seasons, a nice pair of heeled boots, structured heels or sock booties could be the way to go. Wildfire offers cool boots with trendy, stylish cut-outs. These allow some breathability for feet if the weather heats up, but also enough cover and protection if rain and wind decide to turn up instead. As a rule, these are block heels— gloriously comfortable, stable, dependable block heels.

Structured or laced styles easily double up as casual and formal options. As a general rule, where you wear them is less important than how you wear them. The cut-outs provide some a new element of style and detail to otherwise standard heels. The freedom to tie the laces as low or high up the legs as you like provides the ability to adjust for a more comfortable fit or to create a more elegant effect or your legs. Usually, the higher the laces tie, the more they appear to lengthen your legs. It is the same reason that Wildfire sock booties look so great and are so trendy this season. Their design also creates a slimming illusion around the ankles.

Never underestimate the mule

Mule heels have made their mark on the fashion world, and for all the right reasons. They embody everything people love about sandals and slide with everything they love about heels. When you choose mules, you get the advantage of a style that is quick to slip on during the morning rush, and also walk away with the grace and elegance of block heels. Like our previous examples, these will work a treat in the office when you mix and match them with your favourite work basics.

Why we love wearing them

Perhaps the most significant advantage of these heels is their versatile wear. You do not have to be on the clock to wear these out; a heel with some attention-drawing ankle features can look great in casual settings too. You'll love wearing them out to lunch, to see friends, or while you are out and enjoying your weekend. When you find a pair of heels you adore at Wildfire, you are sure to get your fair share of wear out of them.

If you need to wear heels in your workplace, make sure you have a range that appeals to you. You can step out in confidence with pumps, structured heels, sock booties, or laced heels when you shop with Wildfire.