How to Wear Heels With a Casual Outfit

Heels are versatile shoes that you can dress down or up. While people often associate them with formal or professional settings, these shoes can also make a splash at casual events. 


However, since women prefer wearing sneakers or flats on casual occasions, people rarely see heeled shoes in these settings. Why don’t you give it a try?


Although wearing heels may not be the most common footwear choice for casual occasions, wearing them beyond their usual workplace and a special event is good because:


  • It’s a fashion statement.


Wearing heels for weekend brunch will make heads turn. It’s a bold move that will not only boost your height but also your confidence.


  • It reflects your style.


Fashion is all about self-expression, and wearing heels to casual events will make people think you’re a unique individual who doesn’t care about blending in.


  • It elevates your look.


You’ll be amazed at the shoe’s ability to make you look and feel good instantly. Forget about feeling drab because these shoes know how to make you feel fabulous.


You’re likely interested in how you can wearWildfire heels with a casual outfit, so we’re calling in the experts. The team at Wildfire is here to help you curate clothes and looks that will have people staring. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Tip 1—Pick the Correct Style


If you’ve seen the collection of women's heels at Wildfire, you will agree that several kinds exist. These include mid heels, high heels, low heels, kitten heels, stiletto heels, bridal, evening, platform heels, court heels, heel mules, closed-, open-toe heels, square-toe heels, and block heels. 


However, not all are for casual occasions, especially if we’re concerned about your comfort. How can you put your best foot forward and have fun when your shoes hurt?


Low, block, and mule heels are the perfect choices among all the kinds we mentioned. Let’s go through each briefly.


  • Low heels stand at 2.5–5.5cm, a comfortable height that won’t cause you strain despite extended hours on your feet. These shoes provide a touch of elegance to your casual vibe without the dramatic peak of high heels.

  • Block heels or thick, broad heels are your best bet if your casual get-together is outdoors. These shoes won’t get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks, ensuring you can enjoy the event comfortably.

  • Mule heels are popular for easy-wearing slide-on style. These shoes are excellent for casual events where some ladies prefer to sit Indian-style when conversations get more interesting. These shoes are easy to remove and perfect for cosy settings and conversations.


Tip 2—Choose the Outfit


When choosing the perfect casual outfit with your heels, remember to wear the clothes and not let them wear you. 


It would help if you were comfortable in them because it shows. Let’s look at the different clothes in your closet and how you can style them.


1. Jeans


Heels and jeans go together like milk and honey. Finding a cut that works with the style is the key to creating a standout casual combination using these two pieces. 


For instance, wide-leg jeans look relaxed and playful when you wear them with block heels, giving them a retro look. Throw in a long shirt and accessorise with a cute pouch to complete the look.


2. Shorts


Create a sexy silhouette by pairing mule heels with shorts. This look is ideal for summer or spring events while having a backyard picnic or hanging by the beach. 


Wildfire’s Lorna will be perfect with denim cut-off shorts and a white sleeveless top. Lorna is a pair of mules with two trendy top straps made of linen material. Complete this gorgeous look with oversized sunglasses.


3. Dresses


A casual date to the movies or a drive out of town would look great with a maxi dress, a denim jacket, and low heels. Complete the look with a crossbody bag for a hands-free style. 


Wildfire’s Tess is the perfect pair of low heels for this casual occasion. Tess has a short, comfortable block heel that distributes your weight evenly. 


But what sets these shoes apart are their stylish and modern straps, with a trendy band across the big toe and zigzagging top straps.


Tip 3—Find Casual Colours


A casual outfit screams playful and fun, so find the colours that add a bit of playfulness to your vibe. 


Choose your favourite pair of Wildfire heels from a selection of twelve exciting colours, including black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


For casual events, we recommend black, brown, natural, pink, vanilla, and white. Leave the metallics, like gold and silver heels, for more formal



White is an excellent choice as it brightens your look effortlessly, while pink shoes are fabulous if you want a touch of femininity to your outfit. 


Tip 4—Walk Confidently


The biggest asset to wearing heels with a casual outfit is your attitude. As mentioned, you should carry your clothes instead of vice versa. 


Show everyone how to do it properly. Walk in heels confidently because that’s what people notice and remember.


How you strut and radiate with every step will leave them with a positive, lasting impression. Here are some easy steps to ensure you can walk confidently:


  • Practice makes perfect. It’s the wisest piece of advice when it comes to wearing heels. It doesn’t happen overnight, so make sure you get your shoes ahead of time and spend at least thirty minutes a day walking around the house.

  • Relax. Some women walk with hunched shoulders and a stomping gait. Wearing heels is all about grace. Take your time and put each foot down in a heel-to-toe manner. Besides, it’s a casual event, not a race, so walk slowly and steadily in your heels.

  • Imagine an invisible book on your head when you walk so that you are looking at everyone. Walking with assurance requires keeping your head up and your eyes ahead rather than down.


Show Everyone Your Fashionista Side!


Wearing heels with a casual outfit is more than possible with the help of Wildfire! Head to the nearest store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!