How to wear heels with jeans

Style Heels With Jeans 


Do you love wearing heels with jeans? Then it is time to pay attention. Wildfire has a fantastic line of shoes made just for you.  Wildfire takes inspiration from the latest and greatest styles to step down the runway, so our styles are chic, elegant, and just what you need to spice up your wardrobe this season. When you browse our range, it is sure to be love at first sight.


Forget tossing a one-wear pair from your last event and add them to your casual wardrobe instead. We have tips and tricks for styling your favourite heels with jeans, so you can enjoy them as much as you like.  


1)    Choose a style you love


At Wildfire, we have shoes of all shapes and sizes. Cool cut-out boots, perfect pumps, boho basics, slingbacks, tie-ups, open-toes, and even some glorious thigh-highs. Whether you want 1cm or 10 cm, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to wearing heels with jeans. And forget about buying a new pair of pants either— whether you want heels with jeans in trendy frayed or much-loved mom styles, there are ways to make your current set work.


2)    Showcase your ankles


Yes, they look lovely anyway, but one of the best advantages of wearing heels with jeans is the slimming effect they have on your calves and ankles. If you cover them up, then what’s the point?


If you want to wear heels with jeans, cut-offs are a great way to go. The same goes for matching heels with jeans that are frayed or distressed through the leg. Even wearing mules, ankle boots, or sock booties during the cold weather, it is always an excellent choice to showcasing a little skin around the ankle when you wear heels with jeans. These can also help take the edge off of a chunkier block heel from a boot.


If pumps or little kitten heels with jeans is your idea of the ultimate casual statement, try cuffed styles, or even role up yours up yourself.


3)    Pick the right colour


Colour is a big choice when you choose to wear heels with jeans. The first thing to do is assess your wardrobe. Are you more likely to be out in blue jeans or something darker? Do you lean towards subtle and neutral shades, or go all out in prints and bright block colours?


Reds and pinks


When you wear bright heels with jeans in a dark colour, you instantly draw attention down your shoes. Try a bold red this season, for a standout style, and make your outfit look daring and modern.


Too hot to handle? Tone things down a little and choose our beautiful blush styles. These are subtle but beautiful. Wear these heels with jeans in light blue, otherwise, deploy the best pastels from your wardrobe.


Going natural


Wearing tan and natural heels with jeans in bright or light blue will never go amiss. Natural shades help blur the line between skin and shoes, which has a flattering effect and helps stretch out your legs.


Beautiful in black


Do you think black heels with jeans is the stuff of dreams? We have shoes in lovely faux suede, as well as styles bearing a polished looking surface that could make a mirror envious. If you work in a setting where smart-but-casual is the dress code, our high-shine black pumps could be perfect.


At Wildfire, you never need to feel like your new shoes are one-hit wonders. Choose a style you love, a colour to suit your look, and remember to show them off. Style heels with jeans your way when you find the best of Wildfire. Find us online or in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes.