How To Wear Over The Knee Boots!

The Best Way To Wear Knee High Boots!


Go boldly into the season with over-the-knee boots! At Wildfire, we love the possibilities that these magnificent shoes bring to your collection. However, if you’re new to the game, then this quick guide should help get you started!


They feel amazing


Our over-the-knee boots have a soft and sensual fabric finish. Unlike rigid synthetic leather or other stiff materials, the faux suede of our over-the-knee boots feels lovely against the skin. They’re lightweight but warm, which means you’ll get a sleek profile and practical material for cold weather in one.


Now, what about styling them?


Add a jacket or coat


Over-the-knee boots look fantastic because they add a level of contrast to any ensemble. For classic styling, a block colour coat in black or brown (or something brighter) will always be a magical match. However, with leopard print and other animal-inspired clothing stealing the show in 2019, over-the-knee boots below a bold pattern jacket is a must-try combination!


Sweater dresses and overlarge knits make a nice couple with over-the-knee boots since they create balance. Because these shoes are slim-fitting, they can help you maintain some shape instead of allowing yourself to be fully engulfed by your big jumper.


Try these with skirts and dresses


Over-the-knee boots are a fabulous alternative to long socks or tights if you want to wear short bottoms. A pair of our thigh-highs can keep you just as warm and snuggly during wintry weather as stocking could. Depending on the length of the skirt, you can choose to flash a bit of skin if you want or conceal the edge of your over-the-knee boots for an uninterrupted effect.


At work, you’ll want to hide the gap between your over-the-knee boots and your hemline, so try mid-length skirts and dresses. These should be a fun change from your regular knee-high styles and lead to more exciting amalgamations.


Wear over-the-knee boots with jeans and other long pants


If you’re worried about getting chilly but want to take your jeans out, then layer up with some thigh-highs. Not only will they look great, but they’ll also keep your legs nice and toasty. We recommend lighter or blue pants with your over-the-knee boots to add some more colour to your outfits.


Over-the-knee boots are a gorgeous pairing with dresses on a date night, at parties, or for special events.


Accessorising with over-the-knee boots is effortless


While these shoes are a statement piece, it can be nice to tie them into the rest of your ensemble by linking them with a matching clutch, bag, or purse. This will finish the look off and make your outfit seem more put-together and flawlessly planned.


Take them partying!


As we said, over-the-knee boots can help make your best warm-weather outfits more appropriate for different seasons. Since you’re already skipping out on stockings, you can stop debating which of your best party dresses actually look good with tights. Dresses and over-the-knee boots make a more natural pairing and will let you keep bringing out your favourite summery looks throughout the year.


Over-the-knee boots make a go-to party pair. With a mid-high block heel for support and stability, these shoes can create a bold look instantly. Unlike flat styles, these elevated designs bring a formal feel and will dress up any look. All that you have to do is pick to perfect outfit to match!


Jumpsuits and romper are fabulous with over-the-knee boots, especially if you take our advice and try colourful prints.


How will you wear over-the-knee boots?


Explore all your options online today, and get ready to bring out your wild side! Browse the collection at Wildfire today.