How To Wear The Low Block Heel

Stylish block heels don’t have to be hard work! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to wear these low and cosy platforms, then let Wildfire clue you in! 


Pick an outfit that complements the finish of your block heels!

Here at Wildfire, we have dozens of short styles, and they come in a selection of different materials. Smooth synthetic leather is the most common material on our block heels, and the leading colours are black, white, and natural. As such, these are the easiest to mix and match with your wardrobe, no matter what season you’re in. Anyone picking block heels with faux suede material or a textured finish (like our trendy crocodile mules) should look for matching accessories. A scarf, bag, or clutch with the same finish as your shoes will make your ensemble feel more harmonious.  


What sort of clothes can you pair with low block heels?

Do you want to know what length of your pants, skirt, or dress needs to be to match your block heels the best? When you make your outfit selection, take note of the ankle features on your footwear. Many of our low block heels have open backs and no ankle straps to speak of, so they’re fine to pair with short or long-cut clothing. On the other hand, if your style has a sling-back ankle band or a wrap-around strap, then you’ll need to be more discerning. You don’t want to hide the fashionable ankle features on these block heels, which means you’ll need to be careful about what clothes you put them with. This winter, we recommend culottes, cuffed pants, and cut-off jeans for anyone who wants to pair their mules with pants. 


How do you wear block heels out-and-about? 

Unlike stilettos or sky-high block heels, there aren’t any special tricks you need to use to spend the night in them. Since taller platforms create more muscle strain, many ladies choose to wear them with comfort accessories (such as innersoles or gel inserts) to ensure they don’t get sore feet, ankles, or calves. However, the short incline and broad block heels provide plenty of support for your feet. As such, you can enjoy the little height boost the platform offers without paying for it later! 

The long-lasting comfort is one of the reasons more ladies are choosing to forgo their regular party pumps and take mules out to party instead. And, since you won’t need to balance on a stick-thin point, wearing our little block heels outside on lawns, rocky pathways, and other tricky terrains is no issue. 


You can still improve the support and comfort using foot care accessories!

While it’s unlikely that your block heels would give you sore feet, it is always nice to have some extra cushioning in your shoes. If you know that you have an event coming up (like a wedding) that could run late into the night or into the next morning, then we can’t fault you for wanting to safeguard your comfort. After all, the last thing that you want is your block heels slowing you down in the middle of the festivities. That’s where Wildfire’s accessories come in! As we’ve mentioned, our innersoles and other inserts are a popular add-on for ladies buying tall stilettos. However, these can be cut down to size for mules and other block heels too. You have your pick of gel-infused or fabric accessories, but they’ll all afford you the best endurance at your next party! 


Who’s ready to give block heels a go in 2020?

Are you feeling a bit better after reading this article? Wildfire has heaps of amazing block heels for you in 2020 and handy fashion tips; visit us online for more