How We Can Help Make Wearing Heels to Work More Comfortable!

Does your workplace require you to wear heels to work?


These shoes boost your confidence and self-esteem, producing a better work outcome. Not only do heels make you feel powerful and motivated, but they can also make you feel more beautiful, especially since they add a few centimetres to your height and elongate your legs. The list of benefits can go on, but despite all these, they can be taxing on your feet.


Wearing high heels for five days or more can add pressure, strain, and discomfort to your feet, legs, and lower back. From blisters to swelling, these can be a pain. 


But there's always a solution to every problem. And the Wildfire team is here to help you put your best foot forward by wearing women's heels to work more comfortably.


We will share some of the best ways to enjoy them and perform at your best at work. Please read on!


1. Break-in Your Shoes


Being comfortable in any kind of heels, like high or mid heels, takes time. Putting in a little work and effort can go a long way. Avoid wearing tight heels, which can cause blisters, by stretching them. 


Wear thick socks and walk around your house. A faster way to do this is to use a hairdryer while you're wearing them. Warming them will stretch them and allow them to mould around the shape of your feet.


2. Practice Daily


Set aside thirty minutes daily for practice. Walk around the house in your heels, practising on different surfaces and floors. By doing it repeatedly and increasing the duration daily, you will develop muscle memory and get used to the height and incline.


3. Adjust the Height


Choose low heels for work. Wildfire's collection includes work-appropriate styles that can keep you on your feet for eight hours without strain. Shoes within 2.5 – 5.5cm are more manageable.


However, if the special occasion requires wearing a formal attire and high-heels, we suggest wearing block heels. You can go higher than 7.5cm without worrying about getting uncomfortable. These thick, broad heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure and strain. They are stable and will support you as you rush from one meeting to the next.


4. Stroll in a Heel-to-Toe Manner


Please remember that the higher your heels go, the shorter your stride becomes. As such, expect to walk differently than you do in sneakers or flats. Modify your stride and stroll in a heel-to-toe manner.


Never stomp your foot down all at once, as the pressure can destroy your heels. Plus, doing that doesn't look good. With one foot in front of the other, smile and take your time until you reach your destination.


5. Find Comfortable Styles 


We mentioned how low or block heels make you comfortable during long days. But you can also choose the style that suits your feet. For instance, avoid pointy heels like stiletto heels if possible, as they squeeze your toes and rub them constantly, causing blisters. Rounded, squared, or open toes are excellent options.


Avoid stilettos if your balance is not as good. Platform shoes are a superb choice because they have block heels at the back and platform soles in front. You reach new heights without sharp pain in your feet and legs.


The Virgo is a perfect pair of Wildfire shoes for daily wear at work. These loafer platforms will remind you of the 1990s with a modern twist. These online-exclusive loafers check all the boxes: black, block heels, and platform soles!


6. Find Your Balance


Walking in heels is comparable to riding a bike; both require balance. It may initially feel awkward if you're not used to the height. But, like the bike, you get better with time. 


When walking on heels, always look towards your destination, never downward. Imagine you're balancing an invisible book on top of your head.


7. Use Inserts


Use inserts like heel grips and gel cushions to soften the blow of the heels. These things prevent your feet from constant rubbing and contact with the shoes, saving you from blisters. They also absorb the impact, which lessens the pressure on them, making heels more tolerable and fun.


8. Soothe Your Feet Afterwards


Taking care of your feet after wearing heels for the entire day prepares them for the next day. If you don't treat today's soreness, you'll likely feel it until the next day, making the experience painful and uncomfortable. Here are some steps you can take to heal them.


  • Walk barefoot on a cold surface. A day of wearing heels can make them swell, so it's best to let them rest.
  • Soak them in a tub or bowl of warm water to soothe the muscles. Wearing heels can overwork your muscles, so thank them with a spa treatment. Massage them, especially the balls' area, where the most pressure is. Use your thumbs and move them in a circular motion to relieve the tension and prepare them for another day of wearing heels.
  • Blisters and open wounds are some of the unfortunate by-products of wearing heels. Provide immediate attention by treating and disinfecting them before covering them with plaster.
  • Elevate them on the wall or pillows to help with circulation. Doing this will help with the swelling, ensuring they feel better and are rested for another day of wearing heels.
  • Rest them. If your workplace is relaxed, wear flats the following day—alternate wearing them with other shoes instead of using them daily. No matter how comfortable the shoes are, they must rest because they do too much work.


Do What You Learned!


With any luck, you can survive the high heels torture now. Wildfire is where you get cosy ones in your preferred shapes and sizes. They are an excellent choice for anything from a brand-new dress to that classic outfit already in your wardrobe.


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