How You Can Wear Block Heels With Almost Any Outfit!

The Perfect Heels


If there’s one thing anyone could appreciate about our block heels, it’s their versatility. We have the top shoes of 2019 to lift your look and bring out your wild side! Our dynamic designs can get worn a hundred different ways, and we have more than enough base styles to start your search off the right foot.


Here’s a quick snapshot of the block heels at Wildfire and all your fashion options!




These may not be the first thing your mind jumps to when imagining block heels, but they’re amongst some of our best this year! Mules make excellent, versatile footwear that can switch between a formal or casual look.


You can dress these up or down as you like, depending on what else you wear with them. Need a fast look for a weekend get-together? Try our block heels with denim and a cute cami top. Have a formal occasion on the horizon? Mules will look lovely with print dresses or skirts and the accessories to match!




Working women will find block heels are a dream if they’re spending long hours standing or up on their feet in transit. As a professional feeling style, block heels are perfect for any enterprise or dress code that looks down on flats.


Our low block heels and pumps are lovely, comfortable, and a classic style. These everyday essentials will effortlessly finish off any look. As slip-on styles, our pump block heels are a great fit for women who are always in a hurry in the mornings and need something fast to get into as they head out.


You’ll adore how easily these block heels can elevate a pair of work pants or some cute chinos, but their classic design makes them an elegant pairing with dresses and other formal wear as well.




If you love some diversity in your colour range, but love sticking to a favourite style, then our block heels are the perfect pick for your next purchase. Our fabulous natural and black block heels will pair easily with prints and patterns, while red creates an attention-grabbing shoe statement.


The square ankle buckle and soft faux suede finish add a new level of style and intrigue to an already trendy look. The low base on this pair is one of the shortest we have on offer and will help you keep cosy all through the day and night.


These glamorous and fun block heels will be another set to smuggle into your corporate wardrobe as well, especially if you have any stipulations on footwear with covered or enclosed toes.


Single straps


Our single-band block heels have straps around the ankles and across the toes. These open, airy looks create a chic profile for your foot and all-around elegance. One of our most popular block heels in this style comes with dark material and a line of glittering diamantes over the toes, while another has a mirror-like silver finish to go along with it.


At parties, functions, and other special events, these block heels are the obvious choice. Our single-band styles are an open and minimalist look, so they pair naturally with light-feeling outfits and flowing fabrics.




You can rely on steady comfort with these shoes. As we mentioned before, our platform block heels will give you that much-loved height boost without increasing the angle that your feet have to endure. Since they also have a thicker bottom base, our espadrille block heels have all the terrain-range of a pair of flats, but are even more gorgeous!


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