How You Can Wear These Heels from Desk to Dinner!

Before the existence of comfortable heels, women had to bring spare shoes that they needed to change into before heading to dinner after work. Imagine the hassle of carrying an extra bag to avoid being uncomfortable. 


But that can all end now, thanks to Wildfire. The incredible thing about the collection is its versatility, making these shoes appropriate for the workplace and formal events. 


Secondly, stylish shoes look good and can elevate your outfit. The available colours are top-notch and will make heads turn, while the straps and embellishments make your feet look sexy. 


Wildfire heels are the epitome of comfort. When buying shoes or any fashion accessories, you should always be comfortable. Confidence stems from being comfortable in what you wear. 


Now, which of these heels can take you from desk to dinner while ticking all three boxes we enumerated?


We recommend two kinds of Wildfire heels: low and block. Our team will expound on each and help you figure out how to wear these from desk to dinner!


Style 1—Low 


Wearing low heels to work can guarantee you get the height you’re comfortable wearing for more than seven hours, considering you will be doing a lot of walking, standing, and rushing from one meeting to another. 


This height is ideal for your feet, as you only have a slight incline from a heel between 2.5 and 5 cm high.


Stay with comfortable low heels and still look good in them. Consider wearing low heels instead if you know higher heels will make you lose your balance. 


Losing your balance in front of everyone at work will take with it the sophistication and girl-boss vibe you aimed for when you decided to go high.


When you wear Wildfire shoes with a black mini-shift dress and a blush-belted khaki jacket over it, you can look elegant at work. The perfect low heels to complete the outfit are natural colours.


The sandals have two straps made of linen material that form a unique shape at the tops of your feet. Remove the khaki jacket when you’ve reached the restaurant for your after-work dinner date for a chic look.


Another outfit you can rock with low heels from desk to dinner is a navy blue silk slim-fit blouse with a grey printed midi and slightly flared skirt. Complete the look with a black self-tie strappy Wildfire shoe that makes your feet sexy and slim.


Try the new tan low heels you bought online on a casual Friday at work. Show everyone the shoe’s toe band made of raffia material and a round buckle on the ankle strap while wearing your high-rise cuffed jeans with a white button-down polo opened to reveal a black tank top inside. 


Remove the white polo and leave the rest on as you welcome the weekend with a fabulous dinner with friends.


Style 2—Block


On the other hand, block heels bring comfort, whether you prefer low or high heels. Yes, these shoes are a dream come true, as you can go higher than 7 cm and remain comfortable if you choose styles with thick, broad heels.


Block-heeled shoes, on the other hand, support the whole back of your feet and spread your weight evenly. The main thing that makes them better than others is that they can give you the height you want without putting you at risk of falling forwards. 


And like we’ve said, these can also be low, so those who cannot go higher than 7 cm can safely stay where they are comfortable.


So, how can you have them on from your desk to dinner?


Block heels add height without the pain and are so comfortable that you can have them on all day to work and through dinner, too. Turn your workplace into a runway when you arrive wearing a long black dress with slits on the side, layered with a grey blazer.


Accessorise with an attractive necklace with a big pendant. Tie everything together with a beautiful pair of block-heeled shoes decorated with a large silk bow. It has a buckled ankle strap to keep them on your feet as you rush from work to dinner.


If you can’t make it on time, you can always tell them you’re (literally and figuratively) fashionably late.


Another combination you can use to work and dinner is black cropped pants with an oversized light blue polo. Use a beautiful clutch from Wildfire to go with your gorgeous limited-edition platform block-heels with thick straps over the toes.


You can pair skinny denim jeans with a loose white ruffled top for a casual Friday look. Play with big jewellery, such as big hoop earrings, and elevate the outfit with a pair of natural gladiator block heels with cute cut-outs and a lovely lace-up design.


Maintaining Your Heels Through These Easy Steps!


Once you find the perfect pair of heels that can take you from work to dinner, you’d love to keep them with you longer. So, our team at Wildfire has gathered some easy tips to help you maintain them.


Tip 1—Keep Them Clean


Dirt can crack the material of your heels when left on them for a long time. So, wipe them down with a damp cloth once you get home. Then, check every corner to see if you got all of them.


Tip 2—Maintain Their Shape


Keep your heels looking brand new by maintaining their shape. Use shoe trees or scrunched-up newspapers and place them under the straps to look like they were the day you bought them.


Tip 3—Store Them Properly


Leaving your heels lying around makes them susceptible to floating dust. It’s best to invest in storage areas like cabinets or bags, which keep them away from any direct heat source that can destroy their material.


Apply What You Learned!


For a special occasion in these warmer months, choose from our range of mid-heels, high heels, stiletto heels, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, platform heels, court heels, platform shoes, heel mules, wedges, and pumps. 


Which will be your favourite pair? Which will go with your wardrobe mainstays—a formal attire, a suit, or a maxi, midi or mini? Maybe the better question to ask should be "which one will make you put your best foot forward?".


It’s time to practice the tips we shared! So get your Wildfire women's heels from the online store or nearest retailer and strut your outfits to work and dinner!