In Need Of Stylish Block Heels? Wildfire Shoes Is The Answer!

Our Range Of Stylish Block Heels

Are you ready for the best block heels around? At Wildfire, we have the perfect line-up waiting for you. Our block heels are bold, trendy, and want you to help showcase your wild side. They are perfect for work and weekend alike, and a great option for girls who need some more stability and support in their footwear.

So, why choose block heels over stilettos?

Now, it's no great surprise that we love stilettos and slim styles at Wildfire. These have some of our most gorgeous finishes and decorations. They have a soft elegance about them; an effortless grace that makes them favourites with formal wear and all sorts of special occasions.

But they have one glaring flaw. Mainly, it is that stilettos lack the overall stability that you get from block heels. While there are plenty of girls that can pull it off and learn how to walk the walk in stilettos, block heels remain a popular choice for ladies who want height without feeling like they are on stilts. Plus, such a thin little line to stand on can put you into precarious situations, especially when you head outside.

Block heels are far better suited to a day out walking over grassy lawn or gravel and stone, for instance. These shoes can also handle walking across a deck without their chunky block heels slipping in between the gaps and snapping off at the base. In short, block heels are equally beautiful and practical, and best for settings where you need a bigger platform to stand on.

Let's take a quick look at our inventory, shall we?

At Wildfire, we know that no set of shoes, block heels or not, will fit every person. And no, not just in the literal sense (of course, our span of sizes and fits should speak for itself). That is why we have such diverse styles to choose from in our range.

Regarding the finish

Most of the shoes from Wildfire are synthetic or 'man-made'. Since they contain no animal products or byproducts, these are vegan-friendly. In most cases, our synthetic block heels come in smooth leather-look or soft faux suede finishes.

What about colour?

When it comes to the colours of our block heels, you will find we have shoes to fit any aesthetic. Black, natural, and silver are classics, but this year red, rose gold, and white have been some of our most popular choices.


Many of our styles are open-toed; this is to balance out the sometimes heavy-looking block heels, as well as to be a clever illusion, and should appeal to lovers of pump and stilettos. With single bands around the ankle and across the toes, these have a flattering effect on most feet.

Just add straps

It is no secret that Wildfire likes block heels with straps. These have a stunning, flattering effect on ankles and calves. You have the option of tying them low and tight or of stretching them higher up your legs. Either way, you can personalise the fit or look of these block heels to your preferences.

Need some structure in your life?

Structured block heels are another favourite at Spendless. Our block heels in this style come with ribbed panels across the bridge of their feet. Girls who love boots and shoe that make a statement will adore these.

Which will you choose?

Sorry, trick question. But if you do want to have a closer look at our block heels, then hop online and start browsing styles. The Wildfire website is easy to navigate, and our team is always happy to help out. Bring out your wild side! Shop for block heels at Wildfire.