In Need Of The Perfect Block Heel For Work? We've Got Your Perfect Solution!

Dress To Impress With Our Range Of Block Heels 

Head into the office in style with Wildfire's work heels! These are sure to awaken your wild side. We have comfortable, fashionable work heels of all heights and styles, so whichever end of the spectrum your job falls, Wildfire has the shoes to suit! Plus, our line-up is just what you need to rebel against an annoying office dress code.

How do you feel about them?

At Wildfire, we want the perfect match for every kind of woman. If you can't go high with your work heels but still want that confidence-boosting lift, then some of our five or seven-centimetre styles could do the trick.

Alternatively, if you aren't allowed to wear flats but tremble at the thought of a week in stilettos, then some cosy low work heels will be perfect.

The point is, you need something that you know you are going to be comfortable, focused, and productive in while wearing. Whatever that looks like in your work heels, we're here to support it!

Long-lasting wear

How do you get to your job in the first place? Do you drive, walk, or take public transport? Make sure that whatever kind of work heels you are looking at, they will be ones that suit your lifestyle. Gorgeous as they may be, there is no point giving yourself aching feet because you wore your cute pair of pumps while standing for an hour on a crowded train.

That's where block-style work heels come in. These are lovely, sturdy, and provide the best support for extended hours of wear. By providing a broad base to balance on, block-style work heels help prevent pressure from building up in your ankle and calves, and from causing pain or muscle fatigue.

For an eight or nine hour day ahead, and with additional time for travel, you want that kind of reliable comfort.

Are enclosed toes a must?

Keeping your toes covered all year might seem like a drag, but when you consider your options of work heels, you might find yourself a little glad! Our pointy-toed work heels are chic and fashionable. Not only are they are a trendy look you can take out on the weekends, but they also help wide feet appear slimmer.

Decorations and colours

First, consider the material. At Wildfire, our block-style work heels come in two main finishes: faux suede and shiny synthetic. If you want work heels in a pump-style, you also have the option of a glossy, high-shine patent finish.

Colours to match your style

Colour is a critical choice when you're buying work heels, and we have plenty for you to consider! Here's a quick guide to our recommended picks.

If your clothes get dominated by pastels and neutral colours, then white or natural work heels are probably the way to go. These will blend seamlessly into the rest of your colour palette.

Black will forever be a complementary colour. If you love prints or vibrant colours to brighten your spring and summer, then black is an excellent way to balance it out. Black rarely clashes with other colours and should make your work heels extremely flexible between outfits.

Finally, you can always choose work heels in eye-catching red or vivacious fuchsia! These will instantly be a style statement and breathe life into your look. Plus, it's a good excuse to introduce some more colour into your accessories or your makeup collection.

So, is it time you added block heels into your corporate wardrobe?

At Wildfire, our block-style work heels come in all shapes and sizes. Browse all of your options online today, for shoes that will unleash your wild side!