Looking For The Perfect Wedding Shoe? We Have Your Big Day Sorted!


Make the Big Day something to remember with Wildfire’s wedding shoes!

Make the Big Day something to remember with Wildfire’s wedding shoes! Our contemporary and classic designs couldn’t be better! Whether you’re a friend, family member, or the one walking down the aisle, Wildfire has wedding shoes that will satisfy all of your needs this season! Heels from our collection come in all kinds of shapes, heights, and sizes, and so do our fashionable flats. We won’t waste your time with pointless promotion though! So, if you want all the information you need about our wedding shoes, then keep reading!


What colour should you choose?


It should probably go without saying, but white is the ultimate colour choice for wedding shoes. You can get away without almost any style on the Big Day if they happen to come in white, and the shade is a timeless classic that goes with anything. As such, many of our white heels get designed specifically as wedding shoes, so you have your pick of the lot!


Natural or beige styles are the next on our list of colour recommendations. The neutral tone makes them easy-to-match wedding shoes that won’t look weird with any other shades. As any bridesmaid who had to wear an outlandish shade or design will tell you, natural wedding shoes are the way to go! They’re elegant, inoffensive, and something you will wear more than once. 


The last items on our list are pale pink and lilac. You won’t find many versions of these at Wildfire, but the ones that are they are some of our absolute favourites. If you want wedding shoes that can feel fun and add some colour to your ensemble, then these will work a treat! When you get styles in lilac or pastel pink, you treat yourself to something effortlessly lovely!


There are plenty more styles to choose from available at Wildfire, but any of the shades above would be a fantastic place to start!


The top wedding shoes available


Now that you know what colours to look for, isn’t it time that we talked about the designs?


Slim heels are always favourites 


Who wouldn’t appreciate wedding shoes with delicate features and a leg-slimming effect? These pretty cocktail-style stilettos are an easy pick for any attendee or bride. If your attire needs something light and graceful underneath it, then stiletto-style wedding shoes should be on your radar! Ladies who want their slim stilettos with some additional stability should consider grabbing our kitten heels!


Block heels are another good bet!


These make the best wedding shoes to wear outdoors or for extra-long ceremonies and celebrations. The extra width on the base of the heel makes it easy to move on and to maintain steady comfort. We recommend block heels with tubular bands, full platforms, or self-tie straps for anyone who wants the most fashionable wedding shoes of the season! The short versions of these are pretty cute, but we think you should make the most of the extra support and bump up the height!


Our most sensational slides and sandals


Are your wedding shoes heading into backyard, beach, or laidback settings? Guarantee yourself comfort during all the celebrations by wearing our flats! Sore feet and cramping calves can kill the mood on the Big Day, and that’s the last thing you want. With these wedding shoes, you can kick back and have fun instead of secretly stressing about your footwear! At Wildfire, our favourites include slides with dual or crossover straps, flat platform mules with peep-toes, and any of our strappy sandals!


Embrace your Wildfire when you next buy wedding shoes


Trust us, we’ve got what you need! Make searching for wedding shoes a breeze this season when you shop for our styles!