Low Heels and Why They're Perfect for The Office!

If you work in an office and need a new pair of shoes, then you have come to the right place, girl! We know that it can feel super hard to find the perfect pair of shoes suitable for your daily work at the office. But thanks to your favourite girls here at Wildfire shop, we have got the perfect selection of shoes for you to choose from. 


Office etiquette tends to embody a sophisticated vibe which is why we recommend rocking a pair of low heels. We have gathered our top picks of low heels that are sure to look stunning whilst you are working in the office. So feel your best while wearing the perfect pair of pumps during your day at work. Ditch your old pairs of hush puppies and switch to these new pairs of kicks. 


Take your office fit to the next level with our range of low heels, babe! If you are keen to find out more, keep on reading. We can guarantee you will fall in love with one, if not all, of these pairs. 


Style 1 – Low Block Heels


Are you ready to rock the ultimate pair of low heels the next time you are in the office? If you are nodding your head yes, that makes two of us! We could not recommend these pumps enough. 


A pair of these shoes will turn your office look from zero to one hundred in a heartbeat. These best sellers shoe styles are elegant and cute, so that you can wear these pumps all day long without any discomfort. That is the one thing that keeps drawing us back into wearing these low block heels to the office. We are on our feet running around most of the time, so it is necessary to wear appropriate footwear. 


These shoes will classify as comfortable and easy-to-wear new arrivals kicks. There is no better feeling than the level of comfort you get from rocking these pumps. We know you will look stunning in these low block heels, girl! 


Style 2 – Mini Stilettos


Are you a girl who loves to wear a pair of stilettos but hate the pain it inflicts on your feet? If so, read further because we have the perfect solution for your problem. 


A set of mini stilettos are the ultimate style of low heels to wear for your day in the office. These pumps give you the same aesthetic as a normal pair of stilettos but with a reduced amount of heel height. The mini stilettos range is sure to be the perfect style of shoe to wear in and out of the office. And that is the best part! 


You can wear a pair of mini stilettos to work and on the weekend. These pointed pumps will complement your look all day long so that you can feel confident and stylish in these bad boys. A pair of mini stilettos will never let you down, even if they are a pair of low heels! 


Style 3 – Wedges


Take your office look to the higher level with a pair of wedges. These are the perfect pair of low heels to wear when you need a comfortable and breathable pair of pumps. We love that you can style these low heels for a day in the office and then take them straight to dinner with family. 


A pair of wedges will be your new favourite pair of low heels for your daily wear. There is something about wearing a pair of wedges that can turn your whole look into a masterpiece. Low wedge heels are suitable for the warmer months of the year. This tip is due to the low heels having an open-toe design and cut-out detailing around the straps. 


The best thing about wedge shoes is that they are super supportive of your feet. The thick sole and minimally elevated design make these pumps super easy to wear. You will find that these wedge heel shoes are the type of women's low heels that can last you throughout the day without any pain or discomfort. The go-to office shoe is right here with us! 


Style 4 – Platform Sandals


If you love to wear comfortable and supportive footwear to a day in the office, then these are the shoes for you. Our range of platform sandals is sure to take your office look to the next level. These low heels are perfect for your office summer wardrobe. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of platform sandals during the warmer weather. 


The open design allows for the warm summer breeze to hit your feet at all hours of the day. Watch out for that uneven tan line, though, girl! These pumps are super cute and ensure your office fit is second to none. The best thing about platform sandals is that they are becoming a popular shoe style. 


You will be the office trendsetter in these low heels. Slip in and out of these comfortable platform sandals with ease, thanks to their ankle-strap feature, an open-toe design. The perfect low heels for the office can get found right here with us. There is no better feeling than the one you get whilst walking around the office floor wearing your latest pair of low heels. 


Style 5 – Flatforms 


A pair of low heels is a game-changer for your office attire. These are the ultimate summer style of low heels for you to wear throughout the season. We love that a pair of flatforms are becoming a super popular style of shoe to wear. These are not always classified as a pair of low heels, but we think they are super stylish.    


The thick sole of these flatforms is what everyone can enjoy. This feature gives girls the ability to rock a pair of low heels and enjoy the height boost. Short girls can relate to this when we say that a day in the office always comes with challenges with height. Whether it is a shelf you can not reach or a shelf you can not tidy, short girls will appreciate wearing a pair of low heels to the office. 


We can not wait to see you flaunt your new pair of flatforms at the office. Everyone will soon follow suit and invest in their pair of low heels. 


Do You Want to Change Up Your Office Attire?


If you feel like your current workwear wardrobe needs a refresh, you have come to the right place. Our range of low heels is the perfect pair of pumps to wear to your day in the office. There is nothing better than the feeling you get whilst wearing a gorgeous pair of low heels. 


So head to the Wildfire website today and get your hands on some goodies, sis! Measure your foot from your heel up to your longest toe, and then shop online now. Continue shopping with us!