Low Heels Are in! Check Out These New Styles From Wildfire!

Remember that dreadful day you wore staggeringly high shoes and massaged your feet for days because they were uncomfortable, painful, and almost made you fall flat on your face? The excellent news is that you don't have to go through all that with low heels.


These shoes are making waves for the painless height they provide. So, if you're craving more centimetres, it's time to get some of Wildfire's low heels.


Look around you and take notice of how fashion has evolved. For example, you can relax and dazzle everyone with low heels instead of wearing stilettos to special events. 


Add these shoes to your closet ASAP because they are dressy enough without sacrificing comfort or walkability.


Low heels are appropriate for the workplace and can carry you through hours of standing, walking, sitting, and rushing between meetings. And your day has just begun. 


These can also take you to dates, brunches, and formal events. So when you can get your hands on shoes that make everything easy, won't you take the opportunity?


Our team from Wildfire will give you the rundown on everything you need to know about the Wildfire low-heel collection. These beauties are here to stay, so join in on the trend!


1. Ankle-Strapped Sandals


Adding a pair of ankle-strapped sandals to your closet is one of the best choices. These heels can make you look fashionable and elegant without trying too hard. 


Ladies choosing to downsize their wardrobe usually have a pair of these sandals within reach because they feel excellent and work with almost everything they own.


Ankle-strap heels elevate your office outfit to another level instantly. 


While some people prefer to cover their feet with loafers and ballet flats, there's nothing like slipping on a pair of sandals to make you feel more glam. It gives off a more feminine and delicate vibe than other styles.


You are 100% more confident that your heels will stay in place with ankle straps. Take these with you when you go dancing or clubbing; we guarantee a comfortable night of nonstop fun on the dance floor. 


Since these are open-toed, you're exposing your feet for everyone to see, so please remember to schedule a pedicure appointment.


Ankle-strap sandals work with dresses, trousers, jeans, and shorts. In short, these match most items in your closet. We recommend the self-tie style if you've added one to your collection from Wildfire's current line. 


These give you control over how tight you want the fit. In addition, the strap surrounds your ankle until slightly above, giving off sexy and attractive vibes. 


And since the heel is thick and broad, the shoe can distribute your weight evenly, ensuring even more comfort!


2. Clear or Transparent Slip-On


Clear low heels have been sighted everywhere in the fashion scene. From formal occasions to casual brunches, these shoes make every lady feel great about themselves. 


There are several things to love about clear heels, the top reason being that they are easy to mix and match. The second crucial justification for getting this style is the ability of clear slip-on shoes to make legs look kilometres longer. 


If clear shoes are a non-surgical way to elongate your legs, wouldn't you invest in a pair now?


Some concerns arise from wearing clear or transparent shoes because they don't hide anything—flaws, marks, or sweat. So wear your low heels confidently, and let that outshine all the faults you're worried about. 


While everything you may own matches clear shoes, you should wear skirts that end mid-length to build on the leggy silhouette. Of course, shorts and dresses are also ideal.


The transparent low heels at Wildfire will leave you drooling because of their aesthetic—simple yet elegant because of the thick and clear strap on the top of your foot. 


Choose these shoes if you want to know what it feels like to be Cinderella in her glass slippers. First, however, ensure you don't leave one of the low heels behind.


3. Slingback


Slingback low heels are your best bet if you want something more formal. Instead of being fully enclosed, these have a strap behind your foot, holding them in place. These shoes can be addicting because they give a fresh take on pumps.


The pointed-toe design of these Wildfire shoes might take a bit of getting used to, but you'll forget about that concern once you've focused on the diamante-studded top design. And if you think the studs are the best part, you're wrong.


The low heels look like a cake stand! The unique shape might intimidate you, seeing as it's as slim as stilettos. However, when you look at the base of the heels, they flare out like a cake stand, hence the name. 


Because of the larger surface area of the broad base, you don't have to worry about getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks, which are the usual issues with stilettos.


Now we've reached the fun part—how to style these perfect pair of women's low heels. We suggest wearing slingbacks with mom jeans and a plain crop top in various colours for a casual look and completing it with a layered necklace.


Pair these women's low heels with a short black dress for a night out in town. Accessorise the outfit with a Wildfire silver clutch.


And if you think the slingback's versatility ends there, you're mistaken because you can also wear these to work. 


Coordinate these heels with slacks or trousers and a long-sleeved turtleneck. Wear these slingbacks to weekend brunches after the long work week, and match the heels with denim shorts and a white button-up shirt.


Jump In and Join the Trend With a Perfect Pair of Low Heels!


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