Low Heels Are In! Check Out These On-Trend Styles!

Have you been checking out new trends lately?


Because if you do, you’ve likely seen the emergence of low heels, a shoe option that offers ladies understated elegance. Now is your chance to change your daily wardrobe with a footwear style that provides a steady, modest lift. Low heels stand at 2.5–5.5 cm, providing enough elevation to boost your height while maintaining a close distance to the ground.


Only a select few can stay graceful, poised, and cosy with shoes higher than that, so having these shoes is the best. The beauty of wearing this footwear is the freedom to enjoy extended periods on your feet, free from discomfort and pain. Besides the practical benefits of wearing them, ladies can enjoy their versatility.


Say goodbye to lugging around extra footwear to change into because low heels transition to various events quickly. Whether you’re about to have a stressful boardroom meeting, off to lunch with friends, or unwinding over dinner and drinks, these shoes are all you need.


The next vital question is where to get the best ones.


Expect to get dazzled with different options since various brands are riding the trend. However, you should only trust one brand where low heels are concerned. Wildfire takes careful measures and curates a collection that suits varied tastes. Discover more about Wildfire low heels and how these gorgeous shoes can help you conquer your day confidently and comfortably!


Style 1—Textured


Transform your look with an option that will serve as the highlight of your ensemble. Textured low heels redefine style by adding incomparable visual interest. Your eyes will automatically zoom in on your shoes, curious and captivated by their depth and character. In fashion, details make all the difference. From embossed leather, animal skin, raffia materials, cutouts, and embellishments, expect your sense of vision and touch to feel everything.


Textured low heels boost your look effortlessly. A monochromatic look becomes heaps better once you add the shoes. The intricate patterns of the footwear make the experience of wearing them delightfully appealing and tactile. With each step, you can feel a slight tickle on your feet, reminding you of their textured creativity.


Tangled and Tampa from the Wildfire collection embody what textured shoes are about. Both options come with a tapered, narrow base and textured straps. However, the differences are in the kinds of textures and straps. Tangled has two braided horizontal straps across the foot, while Tampa has toe-thong straps with a crocodile texture. Either of these Wildfire options deserves a spot in your closet, especially if you love wearing dresses and skirts.


Style 2—Ankle Strapped


Ankle-strapped low heels combine the best features possible in a shoe. The short heel base and straps in front and around the ankle make your feet comfortable. While the straps keep your footwear in place, they also add a subtle detail to the bottom half of your leg. This feature transforms your footwear into a fashion accessory, further boosting your style.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the straps eliminate the constant need to reposition your footwear. They cling to your ankles, preventing accidental removal while dancing or having fun. Without worrying about your shoes slipping off, you can focus on the moment and enjoy every step.


Tamara low heels from Wildfire’s collection provide a secure and airy feel to your feet. The short, broad base distributes your weight evenly and provides stability so you can have the best time. Whether you’re making heads turn at an outdoor party or joining games in a bridal shower, trust that this footwear will keep you comfortable, confident, and chic every step of the way.


Style 3—Slingback


Open toes are not for everyone. Some ladies prefer to highlight other parts of their feet instead. The slingback low heels are an excellent covered-toe option. What sets this style apart is its distinct slingback strap that gracefully wraps around your heel and ensures a fashionable fit. The strap anchors your feet and provides a subtle detail, showcasing the curve of your ankle.


People often overlook the ankles, focusing on other, more apparent parts. But the slingback low heels aim to change all that, drawing attention to the back of your feet. Wear this stunning footwear to events where you want people to notice.


Marquise is a limited-edition pair of slingback low heels from Wildfire. This timeless style had a sparkly upgrade, adding beautiful diamante detailing everywhere. The suede-like finish, thin slingback strap, short heel, and pointy toes combine to produce an attractive option to make heads turn. Make these slingbacks the centrepiece of your look by wearing them with a black midi dress. Your sparkling presence, coupled with your confidence, will lighten up any venue that you go to.


How to Care for Your Shoes


We’ve explored the various on-trend low heels and how they boost your look and feel. Now, it’s time to discover how to keep them impeccable. Low heels will grow into you, becoming your favourites in no time. And if they are always your go-to shoes, you need to care for them. Here are some steps to keep your footwear intact:


  • Constant use will expose your shoes to various elements, so you must clean them regularly. Wipe them after every use, ensuring you get all the corners of your low heels.

  • Protect your shoes from moisture. It’s best to naturally dry your wet footwear away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Hasten the drying process by placing scrunched-up newspapers inside.

  • Store your low heels properly in shoe closets or bags. Never leave them lying around to avoid dust accumulation.

  • Inspect your low heels regularly. Look out for damages that require immediate attention to prevent them from worsening.


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