Low Heels are in! Here are Our Top Picks!

Women's low heels are all the rage this season and for a good reason! Not only are they on-trend, but they also offer various benefits over their higher counterparts. 


Low heels are much more comfortable for extended periods, making them perfect for work, special events, and everyday wear. They also provide better support and stability, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. 


These shoes are versatile, and you can dress them up or down with what's in your closet, making them a must-have in every woman's shoe collection. 


To help you step into style and comfort, our Wildfire team has rounded up our top picks that elevate any outfit. 


The Nexus of Comfort and Style 


Low-heels are a popular fashion choice for several reasons. Firstly, their 2.5-5cm height makes them synonymous with comfort, perfect for long office days. 


They also provide a middle ground between flats and higher shoes, making them a versatile option for casual and formal events. Not only are they stylish and eye-catching, but they also offer benefits for health and safety. 


Wearing high-heels all the time can be harmful to your back, ankles, knees, and other body parts as it changes your centre of gravity and the angle of your feet. 


Low-heels provide better support and stability, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. We recommend prioritising your health when choosing footwear you wear wherever and whenever. Please choose from our top picks! 


Style 1—Kitten 


Low kitten heels have been a topic of much debate in the fashion world, with some people loving them while others do not. These shoes are typically between 3 - 5 cm tall, featuring a short and tapered heel. 


Those who love these view them as a step up from flats, offering comfort and the slight elevation needed for professional settings. Not only are they fashionable, but low kitten heels also provide comfort and ease when walking from one meeting to another. 


They can be stylish and perfect for turning the office into your runway.


Versatility is a trait, so you can use kittens from brunch to work and even after-work events. No need to bring an extra pair of footwear! 


These are conversation starters, making them an excellent choice for networking events. 


A styling tip for thfootwear is to match them with a pencil skirt and double-breasted blazer for a chic and professional finish. 


Style 2—Short Block Heels


If you're looking for the perfect low-heels, these are! These shoes boast an ideal combination of three critical characteristics for long days of being on your feet: comfort, style, and functionality. 


The block heels offer an integrated arch support and a robust, moderate heel and feature a cushioned footbed with shock absorption. In addition, the thick width of the heel distributes your weight evenly and protects your ankles and feet from pain and pressure. 


Moreover, these provide superior all-around support, thanks to their proximity to the ground. 


Some styling tips include wearing these with midi dresses. Then, when colder months roll in, add a cream trench coat to complete the ensemble! Be sure to pick a matching bag from our collection.


Style 3—Wedge 


Wedges are a top pick for low-heeled footwear for a few reasons. First, they provide added height without discomfort and difficulty walking and standing for long hours. 


Because of the stable base, brought by how the heel extends all the way, supporting the entire feet, there are fewer chances of injury. 


These are worldly and eye-catching, with a sophisticated style that can complement any outfit. Wedges come in wood, from wooden, cork, and peep-toe. 


They won't get stuck on sand, soil, or pavement cracks! Wear them best for outdoor events, especially garden weddings, as they bring vibrancy and glam!


The nature of wedges is to be fashionable, and when you slip into them, you'll raise your fashion quotient. As for styling, wedges are versatile. 


You can match them with nearly any length skirt or dress, making them an ideal choice to elevate your style. An extra tip about wedges is that they add definition and shape to heavy ankles, making them appear thinner.


Our Top Picks for Colours


When it comes to Wildfire low heels, the colour options are endless! Each one brings unique charm and fashion, which levels up your wardrobe! Here are some of the most popular choices available:


  1. Black: We all know that this colour is classic and timeless. It's the go-to colour for formal events and the colour of choice for a night out on the dance floor.

  2. Gold: Add a touch of glamour with a pair of shoes in this colour. They look great with any outfit and are great for special events like weddings and parties.

  3. Natural: If you want a more natural and earthy look, choose this colour. They're ideal for a more laid-back and casual occasion.

  4. Pink: Are you daring enough to add a pop of colour to your outfit? Pink low heels are perfect for adding a touch of femininity, especially during spring and summer.

  5. Silver: Silver usually adds a touch of elegance, and low heels are no exception. Wear them during special occasions or a night out on the town.

  6. Tan: If you're not a fan of bright colours, choose tan for a more neutral option. We guarantee these low heels will add a touch of sophistication to what you're wearing. 

  7. Vanilla: Vanilla isn't just a flavour! Add a touch of sweetness to your look with these low heels! 

  8. White: Purity, pristine, and clean are the first three words one thinks of when thinking of white. Achieve the fresh look by adding low heels in this colour. 


When Fashion Meets Function, Get Our Top Picks As Your Perfect Pair! 


With such a huge range of colours and styles available, there's a perfect pair of low heels for everyone. 


Please choose one or two from our top picks and add them to your wardrobe rotation! Then feel free to leave your comfort zone and try new styles and colours.


You can find your new favourite pairs at the Wildfire online store or at the nearest stockist in Australia. Our affordable prices (even in the absence of a store sale!) give you the spending power to stock up on multiple pairs without breaking the bank.