Low Heels are on Trend… Here's How to Wear Them!

Do you spend hours poring through fashion websites, magazines, and vlogs, daydreaming of how you could dress up your OOTD with low heels? While we all fancy adding a bit of height to our wardrobe sometimes, we know how uncomfortable going very high can be. 


Now is the time to have the perfect pair of shoes. Women's low heels, like mid-low heels, are best for the longest toe. Because it measures the distance from the heel of your foot to the end of your longest toe, with longest toe, this shoe can make your feet look shorter. In addition, mid-low heels can balance your body and make you stand straight.


Blocks, high heels, and stilettos are not for everyone. Admit that you experienced a time when you had to bring them home after wearing them for several unpleasant hours. Thankfully, Wildfire offers a beautiful selection of low heels that you can add to your closet. 


When Comfort Meets Style! 


Low heels will help ease back pain. The constant wearing of high heels puts more pressure on the muscles that make up the bottom part of the spine. Shifting to these shoes reduces your chances of experiencing annoying back pain. 


This brand of low heels is suited for any wardrobe. Even at a party, you can move freely on a dance floor. You can sweep the dance floor with these pointed pump shoes. Pointed pumps are saleable. Mid-low heels are comfortable and nice to look at with your favourite bag.


 Any bag like a handbag, shoulder bag, backpack bag, or beach bag is suited for this brand. Did you know that the pressure on the back of your feet increases as they go higher? Low heels will release all the excess tension and free you from pain. 


You'll be astonished at how much thinner and slimmer you can seem by wearing low heels that are only half an inch or an inch high. However, the price is very affordable. The price range is not too high, and the price may vary in style and brand. Mid-low heels in the colour brown are much appreciated. 


The brown colour looks classy in style. Next, present your fabulous shoes to your friends, colleagues, and relatives at your next event. Then, invite them to visit the shop. It's a win-win situation because purchasing a pair, or maybe three, of low heels will make you more comfortable without sacrificing style.  


 Why go for Wildfire?  


Wildfire's collection is stylish, trendy, in fashion, and affordable. You can save yourself from muscle strain because our low heels don't have steep inclines. We have a couple of pairs on our website designated as Emilee. Hembrow Edits, limited edition, and online exclusive. 


Yes! Because Wildfire shoes have different types of heels, like block and mid-low. Our women's low heels are clearly labeled in their descriptions, and you can find information about the materials used in our accessories and other products. 


Women's low heels are easy to wear. Wildfire pays respect to the elderly for creating women's low heels. Pointed pumps are the typical choice of every girl. Even at the office, this is included in their VIP mailing list. 


So, line up your next event, and choose your favourite colours, like brown and natural. Of course, natural colours are very popular. But, wearing the colour black in style looks like a standout. 


Styles are different from each other. Styles at Wildfire are very rare. However, more styles are available in the shop. There is a style for every occasion thanks to our range of designs, colours, and shapes. 


Additionally, our shoes are available in various base forms. No matter the shape, Wildfire carries them all. You may want to check out these unique, comfortable, stylish low heels to choose a pair for your wardrobe and lifestyle. 


Style 1 - Short Block 


The short-block low heels are back in style. So don't be left behind and join in on the fun. We were wondering what to wear with these low heels. Our team will make suggestions on how to wear them stylishly. 


Wear these low heels with anything. Cropped pants, slip skirts, and jeans are just a few examples of how you can style this footwear. Make comfort your new best friend. 


Do you go for sporty and casual? We suggest pairing them with a short white shirt and a blue maxi skirt. Wear a plain tee together with your footwear and printed overalls. 


You can also pair your low heels with a loose v-neck sweater over a shirt and ripped-knee boyfriend jeans. Wildfire's collection includes short blocks with a big toe and zigzagging top straps. We also have a pair of short-block low heels with straps made of gorgeous linen material. 


More importantly, since they are available in black, white, pink, and various others, you don't need to worry about them. 


Style 2 - Kitten 


Many celebrities are sporting a pair of kitten low heels when they are out and about because this pair exudes elegance while providing a level of comfort to complete that stunning street OOTD. A mix of comfort and slight elevation, this style performs an important function - a worthy substitute for flats or their much higher counterparts. 


Why struggle with sky-high stilettos when you can sport this pair without worrying about getting those awful blisters? These low heels are a fun, daring option that always looks good, whether you decide to pair them with jeans or a sequined skirt. 


Take your favourite breezy dresses out of your closet and wear them with kittens from dawn until dusk. Feel like taking a break from dressing up? No worries, as these low heels, also work well with leggings and loungewear. 


Have we emphasized the level of versatility enough? Stretchy staples can appear more sophisticated and elegant when worn with low heels mixed with a button-down or blazer. Wildfire's collection includes kittens with two horizontal straps that come in a braided texture. 


More importantly, you don't have to worry about sizing because you will find one yourself. Our low heels are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.  


Style 3 - Wedge 


A wedge is a type of footwear wherein the elevation runs under the whole foot, including the middle and front parts. In our low heel collection, the height of wedges will provide you with a slight elevation. Have you been wanting to wear wedges but are unsure how? 


We at Wildfire will help you plan your outfits and match them with our low heels. So pull out your shirts and shorts for a quick run to the coffee shop or a stroll in the park because wedges go fantastically with this laid-back appearance. 


Because of their versatility, you can even wear these low heels to weddings. Imagine drinking and dancing the night away and not worrying about slipping or tripping. Choose wedges if you enjoy wearing dresses, particularly long, loose ones.


Additionally, you can wear your low heels with delicate fabrics, maxi skirts, wrap dresses, and boho fashion trends. Wildfire's collection of low heels wedges is all so pretty that you might get confused about what to get. We have a pair with a wide toe strap and a wraparound ankle strap with a trendy circular buckle. 


Have you seen our low heel wedges in tan? Oh my! They are the most beautiful set ever! We suggest you head to our site and get your pair of low heels before everyone else gets them first!  


It's now time to get your pair(s)!   


Head over to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you to get your perfect pair or pairs. Then, wear them like a second skin, stroll everywhere in them, and take lots of photos for your social media. You might also want to check out our available accessories to complement your whole outfit. 


You can search for your favourite styles, heel height, measurement, and price. In addition, you can search for the top suggestions for easy access—checkout and more signs to fill your bag.


You can shop 'til you drop. To order, search and filter by entering a password. Then, fill in your first and last name. By signing in, you can create your account. Then complete signing is needed. We pay respect to those who come early to the shop. 


More signs are waiting. Shop now! Enjoy shopping! Shopping at the shop gives you an energy boost.