Low Heels are the Perfect Option for Office Day-to-Day Wear

Discussions concerning the proper heel height for the workplace have been popping up everywhere. One side prefers wearing high heels, the other low heels. The kind you choose can improve your look by balancing your proportions.


Shopping for vegan shoes can be tricky and expensive, but you'll never have that experience at Wildfire! Instead, you may find details about the materials used in our accessories and other products and information on our women's low heels in the descriptions of those items. So, what variations can you find on our these? 


First, explore our wide range of stylish and practical mid-low heels. When you need just a little height, our women's low-heel collections come with a heel of 5cm-5.5cm, ranging from block heels to a mild stiletto, offering you a variety of low-heeled shoes to suit every occasion. Many of our options also feature wide open toes and stylish adjustable ankle straps for maximum comfort and security with every step. 


Conversely, the wrong one can make you look worse. Finding the ideal mix between stylish clothing and business-casual wear can be challenging. What is acceptable at your workplace? 


We respect past and present elders and stand together by choosing from various styles, colours, and heel heights, ideal for around-the-clock or that upcoming special occasion. From lace-up sandals and block heels to pointed pumps, our women's new season heels will add towering style to every look. Our low heels are ideal for a full day at the office or an evening on the dance floor! 


Shop online at Wildfire to explore the full range and find the perfect pair for your next event. But more than that, you need to consider your comfort as well. Low heels are the perfect balance because you can appear business professional without losing your balance.


Trust us when we say that wearing high heeled shoes takes away all of your sophistiation and power once you lose your balance and tip over. So if you're at a loss as to the perfect low heels for daily office wear, our team at Wildfire has the answers you need. We break down the different kinds and how to style them for everyday work wear.


When Comfort and Style Collide! 


Aside from being stylish and eye-catching, low heels are comfortable. Comfort alone is enough of a reason to choose these for the daily grind, where you spend hours standing, walking, and talking to people. However, work can be stressful, and wearing anything higher than low heels can add discomfort.


For most women, especially those who spend their days on their feet, these stylish yet practical footwear is a fantastic compromise between the higher options and flats. In addition, low heels are better for your health. Some effects of constantly wearing higher heeled shoes are bad backs, ankles, knees, and more because they move your centre of gravity and adjust the angle of your feet.


Can you picture yourself suffering this fate most days of the week? You can reduce tension and say goodbye to pain by wearing low heels!


Style 1Short Block Heels


The short-block heels combine comfort, style, and functionality. In addition to the shock absorption and cushioning, the integrated arch support, thick moderate heel, and soft footbed are all bonuses. We must highlight how beneficial having a thick, medium heel is to you.


The lower profile provides more general foot support by bringing the user closer to the ground. Do you need styling ideas? There are several ways to rock this footwear to work.


A midi dress with this footwear is perfect for a business meeting. For Friday casual days, Match it with a t-shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans, layered with a loose v-neck sweater over both. There's an attractive pair at Wildfire with a big toe strap and zigzagging top straps that make your feet sexy. Come and check them out!


Style 2Kitten 


There are a lot of conversations about kitten heels because not everyone loves them. Those who adore them, however, see them as a straightforward way to spruce up an ensemble with minimal hassle. Kitten heels are short and tapered, typically only between 3 - 5 cm tall.


Celebrities are sporting these low heels as they go out and about because thy ooze with elegance and offer the right amount of comfort to complete a gorgeous OOTD. This must-have item of clothing provides the same level of comfort as flats while subtly increasing your height.   


These are fantastic for pulling off the office look for work, but they also make a cute pick for date night footwear. 


Some styling ideas for work include mixing them with a pencil skirt. Also, jeans with a double-breasted blazer go well with these low heels. Finally, for colder days at work, you can opt for kitten heels with crisp white pants and an oversize winter coat.


Check out the available styles at Wildfire, most of which are strappy and show off your sexy feet.


Style 3Wedge 


Low-heeled wedges are the unofficial work footwear for the summer season. People are more likely to leave their workplaces on sunny days to visit nearby cafes and restaurants for lunch. But, of course, the appropriateness of wedges for work will depend on your dress code guidelines, so you still need to confirm and check.


Thinking of an outfit that works with wedges and balances how hot outside and how cold the air conditioning is can be tricky. How do you mix all that? A cute way to use these for work is to combine them with a collared top and pleated skirt.


You can take the jacket off and put it back on, depending on the weather. But you could never go wrong with a boat-neck tank top and skirt. There are more ways to mix and match your wardrobe. Let your creativity flow!


Colour and Height


The Wildfire collection is chic, current, stylish, and reasonably priced. Our low-heeled shos don't have severe inclines, sparing your muscles from stress and strain. Wildfire has these in nine colours. 


These are black, clear, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


We've emphasised how wearing high-heeled shoes can harm your body. Wildfire has this footwear in these heights (cm): 4.5, 5.5, 6, and 7. Anything higher than seven falls under the "high" category. Always consider where you'll wear them and whether they'll be comfortable before buying any.


You spend more hours at work and must appear and feel your best. Low-heeled shoes with matching bag or purse ooze elegance.


Time to Get Your Perfect Pair(s)!   


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