Low Heels Are Trending… Check Out These New Styles!

Are you tired of raising your feet on the walls after a long day wearing staggering shoes?


From the looks of it, you are not alone. Low heels are trending because other ladies feel the same way. Why suffer when there are options for you that are equally stylish but more comfortable?


Low-heeled are an excellent choice because they provide the height you need but keep you closer to the ground. The less incline your shoes have, the better it is for you and your feet. 


Taller shoes, especially those with a narrow and thin heel, alter your balance and put your feet at an angle. They pull the muscles and joints out of alignment, so your body feels the effects—the legs, back, neck, and shoulders.


Say goodbye to all of these with the help of Wildfire low heels. Discover the styles and colours that can elevate your wardrobe and make you feel more comfortable. If you're ready, let's do it!


What makes them distinct?


Low-heeled shoes are unlike others in the heels category because they can still provide added height, ranging from 2.5 to 5.5cm, but keep you stable and pain-free. 


This footwear is appropriate for the workplace, professional looking and can provide support so that you can stay on your feet for extended periods, whether sitting, standing, presenting, or rushing to meetings.


You have fewer chances of tripping or losing your balance because this footwear has excellent stability. 


You won't believe the number of people who toppled forward or twisted their ankles because of towering shoes. Once again, why risk it when there are low heels?


More importantly, you can use them daily compared to their higher counterparts. 


When you wear high-heels, you need to rest your feet the day after, whether you wear flats or low heels. Resting will heal the swelling and let the blood usually circulate. If so, why not wear low-heeled shoes every day instead?


Wildfire options


The Wildfire's low heels collection provides options that can change you and how you dress. You'll be more excited to prepare for the day and motivated to perform better at work because you can focus more on the tasks. 


Gone are the days when you had to massage your shoulder and close your eyes to ease the pain from high-heeled pairs. This footwear will guarantee better days and experiences ahead.


1. Colours


The Wildfire low-heel collection comes in four easy-to-wear and match colours: black, natural, pink, and white. The colour you choose can impact your overall style. 


For instance, black has a timeless elegance that you can wear for years. We can attest that you can still wear them two years from now. Black exudes power, so wearing these at work will command respect and make people pay attention.


Natural-colours are excellent when you want your footwear to blend in and not compete with your clothes. This colour creates the illusion of longer legs, which is ideal if you wear dresses and skirts to work or if you're wearing shorts during the weekend.


Achieve a more playful and feminine vibe by wearing pink. While you may not get approval to wear this colour in the workplace, you can always use it on weekends. Pink is an exciting accent piece to any outfit, especially when wearing all-black or all-white clothes.


White can give you a crisp and clean appearance. Arrive at your workplace or party looking fresh because white has that effect. While some are scared to wear white because they can get stained and dirty, this footwear helps brighten your mood and vibe.


2. Styles


Narrowing down the choices can be overwhelming, so here are the styles that deserve your attention.


Style 1—Ankle-Strapped Sandals


Ankle-strapped sandals are an incredible choice because these low heels can elevate your style and elegance without trying too hard. If you only have a few spots in your shoe closet, this one deserves one of them. 


While some people prefer to cover their toes and hide them, wearing this footwear screams confidence. It's telling the world that you're unbothered while emanating a more feminine and delicate vibe. 


More importantly, you won't accidentally lose your footwear because the ankle straps keep them in place. Have fun on the dance floor and party all night without the threat of leaving the venue shoeless.


Ankle-strapped sandals are versatile and can match most of your wardrobe's clothes. Pair them with dresses, shorts, jeans, trousers, and suits! Consider adding Frida to your collection. 


This self-tie footwear gives you control over how tight you want the fit and the freedom to tie them how you want to. 


The strap goes around your ankle until slightly above, giving off a sexy silhouette. And since the heel is thick and broad, this footwear distributes your weight evenly, ensuring even more comfort and stability.


Style 2—Toe-Thong Sandals


Wildfire has the perfect pair of low heels if you're looking for minimalist elegance. The toe-thong sandals are ideal for spring and summer, exposing your feet and making them look pretty. 


The Y-shaped strap between your toes keeps the footwear in place, while the low kitten heels provide a short, comfortable elevation. 


More importantly, the ease of wear makes them a popular choice for activities that require you to switch between wearing shoes and going barefoot. Consider these footwear for trips to the beach or picnics.


Tampa is Wildfire's limited edition pair of toe-thong low heels. It comes in black or white and features a unique crocodile texture.


Make the Switch with Wildfire Perfect Pair of Low Heels!


Cosy up your days with women's low heels from Wildfire. Be sure to find a matching clutch to complete the look. 


Are you feeling confident in your dancing abilities while wearing a pair of low heels? Wildfire has a wide range of heels to choose from for the upcoming season, including pointed pumps, kitten heels, block heels, and more. You'll be able to find the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion.


Head to the nearest retailer or online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, where you can purchase now and pay in instalments later!