Low Heels That Aren't Boring!

Strict office dress codes require ladies to wear heeled shoes to work. However, only some are at ease with high ones. They feel strained and pressured with anything that's taller than 7.5cm. Are there suitable alternatives?


Yes, there are! Wildfire's collection of low heels is the answer to your prayers. These shoes add adequate height without making you feel uncomfortable. Low heels stand at 2.5–5.5 cm, which is near enough to the ground to make you cosy. 


Isn't that great news? In a world where stilettos and platform shoes dominate, there are options like elegant and stylish low heels for others to enjoy. 


With the styles available at Wildfire, we won't be surprised if you influence others to copy you. You gain access to kinds with a low kitten or block heels. No one would even dare call you frumpy for wearing these shoes because they are top-tier.


Get to know exciting low-heeled shoes with the help of the team at Wildfire. Let's start!


Why should I wear low heels?


Before we delve into the various low-heeled shoes at Wildfire, you must first understand why wearing them is beneficial. These strike the perfect balance between style and comfort, making them a practical choice for anyone looking for a reliable option. 


Aside from keeping you at the top of your style game, here are reasons why wearing them is a must:




Low-heeled shoes are less taxing on your feet, ankles, legs, and back. Unlike their taller counterparts, these do not subject parts of your feet to intense pressure.


Balance and Stability


Ladies who have worn stilettos can attest to the constant fear of losing balance and toppling forward. But with low heels, that's a distant possibility. Since they are closer to the ground, there's more stability and less wobbling or toppling forward risk. 


Reduced Injury Risk


Because low heels provide support and stability, there are fewer chances of twisting ankles, which is an issue with stilettos. The shorter height doesn't push your feet forward, which usually causes corns and calluses.


All-Day Wear


Since low heels are comfortable, you can enjoy prolonged wear that can last the entire day and into the night. They are for people who need to be on their feet for work, like teachers and retail workers.




As practical spenders, women love finding items that give them more bang for their buck, which is the case for low heels. For their affordable Wildfire price, you can find shoes you can wear on multiple occasions. 


They can match your clothes and adjust to the occasion's needs since they are effortless to dress up or down!


Wildfire Styles


The low-heel collection at Wildfire will surprise you with various kinds that can add excitement to your daily look. Prove to everyone that these shoes are not dull at all. 


Style 1—Kitten


We mentioned the low kitten heels earlier, which are the most popular kind. These footwear were initially training for young girls learning to wear heeled shoes. 


Their uniquely short, curved stiletto heel gives these footwear away. The shorter version provides comfort because it's closer to the ground.


Tangled and Tampa are excellent Wildfire choices. Both kinds are limited edition, so you're one of the few who can strut around in these low heels. 


Tampa has toe-thong straps in crocodile texture, while Tangled has two horizontal braided straps across the foot. You can't go wrong with choosing either of the two because they are far from boring.


Style 2—Block Heels


If you thought low heels were comfortable, imagine how it would feel if they came with a thick, broad base. This base can distribute your weight evenly and give you the stability you need for a long day. 


You can enjoy outdoor events like the beach, garden, or backyard without fear of getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks, which is usually the problem with a narrow, thin heel.


Frida from Wildfire's low-heel collection is available in black, natural, and pink. The self-tie shoes give you complete control over the fit. 


Tying the straps of these low heels around your legs will elongate them and make them slimmer. It also adds a sexy final touch to the overall look. 


Style 3—Cake Stand


The best way to describe low cake stand heels is as a combination of a stiletto heel with a thick block base. You can walk effortlessly with this footwear because it flares at the bottom, covering more ground. 


Whether front or back, this footwear will attract attention. The cake stand is a unique minor detail that can make a significant statement. 


The online-exclusive Angel deserves a spot in your shoe closet. Aside from their low cake stand heels, the footwear is transparent. The thick, clear strap sits over the top of the feet, keeping the footwear secure. 


Clear low heels are a fashion statement that no one will ever consider boring. These ideal shoes are far from dull because they draw attention to the feet, creating a unique and eye-catching look. 


Make a pedicure appointment because clear footwear will expose your feet.


Wildfire Colours


The low-heel collection at Wildfire comes in six gorgeous colours: black, clear, natural, pink, vanilla, and white. 


Most ladies, especially those with strict dress codes at work, choose black since it's universal and easy to match. And we agree! Low heels in black give off an elegant and classic look.


However, adding some colour to your wardrobe would be good, and we'd recommend getting pink ones. 


Pink adds femininity and playfulness to your vibe. Wear it with an all-black or all-white ensemble, and expect the footwear to be your accent piece. 


Make Your Outfit More Exciting with the Perfect Pair of Low Heels at Wildfire!


Squash the notion that women's low heels are boring by wearing one from the Wildfire collection. This footwear adds style, colour, and oomph to your daily outfit.


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, where you can purchase now and pay in instalments later.


Ladies, are you ready to show off your dance floor style with a pair of low heels? Wildfire has a variety of options for the upcoming season. You can find footwear for any occasion, from a range of pointed pumps to kitten heels and everything in between.


Then why are you still waiting? Explore the collection and discover your new favourite pair of shoes today.