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At Wildfire, we know you want new formal shoes that excite you. Not more one-hit wonder to collect dust on the back of the shelf, but formal shoes that you can wear again and again and always feel like they look fresh and new. So, what do we have that work well as a pair of formal shoes, and can transition back into your everyday wardrobe? We are happy you asked.

Block heels

Can you blame us for starting here? Wildfire's block heel formal shoes are instantly gorgeous and glamorous. These are the perfect formal shoes to wear for extended events and special occasions because the broad base gives more comfort and support than a stiletto. Also, they are just plain beautiful. One of our most popular formal shoes from this category has got to the strappy kind. The lace-up style means you have the freedom to tie these formal shoes as you like, whether it be high up the legs or tight around the ankles.


Versatility is the thing that comes to mind with these formal shoes. You would be amazed by how many different looks you can pull off with our pumps. We have lustrous patent finishes in red and natural, and black (which also comes in faux suede) that instantly draw eyes.

These will be a staple style that incorporates effortlessly into your wardrobe, as the pure block colours with complement most colour schemes. These formal shoes can be worn innocuously over and over, as they tend to chameleon and match whatever outfit you pair with them. As an alternative to being formal shoes, you can also utilise them as work heels, given that they are not overly tall.

Kitten heels

One thing to note about Wildfire's fantastic formal shoes is that they can make great work styles. Just look at our sling-back heels. These are an old-look-come-new for 2018, which makes them a fashion statement wherever you take them.

At Wildfire, these formal shoes come with a lovely faux suede finish, which is an easy way to add different textures and materials into your outfits, for a more exciting look. With a slightly pointed toe for shaping and an open sling-back heel that accentuates the ankles, these formal shoes are the perfect way to add a graceful, fashion touch to your everyday work outfits as well.

Chunky bases

Platforms and other formal shoes with thick bottoms look to be a big hit for spring and summer this year. Espadrille wedges are one look in particular, but platforms of all sizes seem to be a big hit. We love bringing the latest styles and trends to our shelves as they happen, so it should be no surprise that we already have a line-up of platformed formal shoes waiting for you, and plenty of new looks on their way.

One of our current favourites comes with chic crossover straps on the toes and a buckled ankle strap. This an open style that will be perfect for the warm weather. These make excellent formal shoes because they provide a broad base to stand and walk on, so you can expect comfort that will last more than a few hours. This lasting comfort also makes them an excellent style to dress up your casual wear with, when you feel like adding a more elegant touch to your ensemble.

Are you ready for a new addition to your formal shoes?

We have the hottest styles waiting to hop off of the shelves and onto your feet. For great looks you're you can wear again, come and browse our selection online today! Bring out your wild side with formal shoes from Wildfire.