Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Ever! You’ll Wear These Again!

Congratulations are in order! You’re here, likely because you got engaged and are planning for your big day! One of the critical things you need to find and check off your to-do list is a pair of wedding shoes.


It’s not ordinary footwear because it will play a massive role on your special day. First, your wedding shoes will be in the photos, but more importantly, they will be on your feet for hours. 


The footwear will see you through as you walk down the aisle, mingle with guests, and dance the night away.


Because all these activities can wear you out and tire your feet, you need comfortable wedding shoes that are also stylish and versatile. Of course, the first two characteristics are a given, but why would you need versatility? 


Versatility is essential because you'll want to wear your shoes again. As a wise shopper, you prefer footwear you can use on multiple occasions.


Living a more sustainable lifestyle is good for your pocketbook and the environment. So it would be a waste to keep them hidden in the closet after the event, never to be seen again.


Also, putting them on again will remind you of the happy, special things that happened and how you felt that day. Besides, if your shoes are stylishly gorgeous and comfortable, why not show them off again?


So, if you’re here to find which wedding shoes are ideal for multiple uses, you came to the right place! Our team at Wildfire will suggest different styles and explain how you can use them again. 


Planning for your wedding day is stressful, so we’ll take one task off your plate. Let’s dive right in! 


1. Embellished Pumps 


Once you see them, the embellished pumps in Wildfire's bridal heels collection will stun you. These sparkly shoes come in silver and are entirely encrusted with diamantes. 


So whether you want to showcase them with a short wedding dress or leave a bit of mystery by covering them with a long wedding gown, you will feel good the whole day knowing that these beauties are on your feet.


We must warn you that this footwear can be painful with its tall, skinny heel and pointy toes. It would help if you spent a lot of time practising with these wedding shoes. Break them in by wearing thick socks as you walk around the house. 


You will eventually get the hang of wearing these pumps, building muscle memory that will allow you to wear them for hours. You can help yourself by adding some heel stoppers, grips, and gel cushions from Wildfire.


After the big day, you can wear these stunning wedding shoes to other formal events. For example, wear these wedding shoes when you go clubbing, paired with a short black dress. Again, you don’t need accessories; your footwear will do all the talking.


2. Block Heeled Sandals 


Open-toed wedding shoes are ideal because your toes will splay naturally, giving you stability and balance. But please don’t forget to book a pedicure appointment because your feet will be exposed. 


You will love this white block-heeled sandal at Wildfire because of the gorgeous silky material and the oversized bow detail on the top strap. The bow is a unique touch, making your special day more memorable. 


The ankle strap will secure the shoes on your feet, so you won’t have to worry about leaving one in the middle of the dance floor. In addition, you can adjust the fit of the shoes to keep you comfortable on your big day by locking the buckle fastening.


More importantly, the block heels will keep you pain-free. Standing, walking, mingling, and dancing can take a toll on your feet, but with these wedding shoes on, you’ll have no problems. 


The thick, wide heel spreads your weight evenly, making your feet, legs, and lower back feel better. 


These bridal heels won’t give you issues even if your venue is outdoors. Unlike stilettos, block heels won’t dig deep in the soil or sand or get caught in pavement cracks. 


After pairing these with your wedding dress, you can wear these sandals to the next engagement party, a baby shower or a cocktail party. They would look good with maxi dresses and linen-coordinated clothes in pastel colours. 


3. Boots 


Are you open to straying away from traditional styles of wedding shoes?


If yes, we’d like you to get accustomed to the idea of boots, especially if you’re getting married in the fall or winter. 


These stylish and versatile bridal shoes will prepare you for weather or ceremony problems. Besides, you’re the bride, so you can dictate the theme and get away with anything you like.


The bridal shoes we have in mind are ankle-length, have a rounded-toe design, and have a zip at the back for easy wearing. These white boots have block heels, keeping you feel comfortable for hours. It would look amazing with your dress, whether long or short. 


And more importantly, these bridal shoes will provide a snug fit, keeping you warm and cosy when the weather or the air conditioning gets too cold to bear.


Boots are a staple in fall and winter fashion, so there will be a lot of occasions when you can wear them again. In addition, the versatility of these bridal shoes will make them a constant at casual or formal events, even at the workplace.


Caring for Your Bridal Shoes 


Your wedding shoes are essential to your big day, so you must do some things to make them last longer, especially if you want to wear them again. Here are a couple of tips that will ensure they remain in tip-top shape:


  • Wipe down your wedding shoes with a light wet cloth to remove any dirt attached before storing.

  • If they get wet, dry them first before storing them. Then, stuff them with newspapers and leave them to dry naturally, away from any direct heat source. 

  • Maintain the shape of your wedding shoes using shoe trees or scrunched-up newspapers. 

  • Store them in shoe closets or bags and ensure good airflow.


Keep Reliving Your Big Day! 


Head to the Wildfire online store or the nearest retailer! Find the perfect pair of bridal shoes online to help you have the best time at your wedding party. Then, relive the moments after by wearing them repeatedly. 


They are ideal for wearing at the reception, on the dance floor, and entertaining wedding guests since Wildfire offers a wide choice of comfortable wedding shoes that provide all-day comfort. In addition, these shoes sparkle in your wedding gown, making you feel beautiful all day.


After you find the most comfortable wedding shoes to wear all day, you can continue shopping on Wildfire. Find bridesmaid shoes in our range. A wedding guest might appreciate the recommendation also as they will need beautiful shoes to make your wedding day memorable.


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