Must Have Party Heels For Summer!

Searching For The Perfect Party Shoes This Season?


Finding your ideal party shoes shouldn’t involve a long and challenging journey! Wildfire is here our top pick for 2019, and a quick overview of everything that you need to know before you start shopping, to help get you started on your way!


Know your setting


Once you have an idea of what your party shoes will be walking into, the better prepared you will be to find the right pair for the job. What kind of occasion are you looking at wearing these? Will you need a formal style or can you get away with something relaxed and casual?


A lazy get-together in a friend’s backyard might be a better place for strappy flat sandals as opposed to stilettos. If you’re buying party shoes to help dance the stress of the week away, then make sure you have a style that you don’t get you worried about tripping or slipping.


Stilettos and skinny heels will be excellent party shoes for formal settings or venues indoors, while outdoor events on lawns, sand, or other challenging terrains would be a better fit for block heels, wedges, and flats.


How long will you be wearing your party shoes?


Endurance is another crucial element to a perfect pair. The world’s most gorgeous party shoes will still get blacklisted and deemed a failure if you have to bail and go barefooted at any point. If you have a wedding or other formal event, then you should have party shoes that can last.


So, before you start buying party shoes with any heel, think about what sort of size you can handle. Namely, it’s time to think heels and heights.


Choosing the right design


Some ladies can dance, run and do a confident catwalk in every pair of heels that they wear. Other women can’t go more than a few hours in a short set of party shoes without getting cramps or stumbling about like a newborn gazelle.


Know your limits before you start selecting styles. There’s no shame in choosing a low-heeled pair of party shoes, especially since Wildfire has such gorgeous ones around! We have sweet sling-back kitten heels in an eye-catching range of colours.


Heels and party shoes with thicker bases, such as wedges and block heels, provide better balance and support for your feet. Our lovely mid-level block heels in glittery and high-shine metallic sheens are just as beautiful as their stiletto counterparts; plus, you'll get a steadier step.


What style is our favourite?


In 2019, the party shoes that we love best are espadrille wedges!


A must-have set of summer heels have to start with the trendiest looks around, and these qualify. These party shoes have been a peak style for any women’s collection. Big and beautiful, espadrille wedges make a gorgeous pairing with dresses, playsuits, and all of your best event outfits!


The thick platform can blur the line between where the party shoes start and your feet end, which creates the appearance of longer, slimmer legs. Add that to the sturdy and stable design that boosts height without sacrificing comfort, and you’ve got a winner on your hands!


Plus, there are plenty of cool designs for you to peruse. We have espadrilles with silky smooth bases or popular textured ones. Self-tie laces are an instant pick for ladies who want to accentuate their ankles and calves even more, while our buckled party shoes in this look always make a fast and secure fit.


Bring out your wild side with our party shoes!


We hope this little guide helps you find your ideal match! Jump online now, and have a look at Wildfire’s whole range of party shoes.