Need Wedding Shoes for the Entire Bridal Party? We've Got You Covered!

Congratulations to our bride-to-be! You're here because the preparations for the big day have begun, and you are searching for the most essential item on your to-do list: wedding shoes. 

It's an exciting time and process, and Wildfire is here to help make it as stress-free as possible. Shopping for wedding shoes for the whole bridal party is a top priority. Some brides who did it at the eleventh hour regretted it immensely. Buying wedding shoes at the last minute did not give them enough time to break them in and practice, resulting in discomfort and pain. 

The search for the perfect one considers several elements: the style, the height, the base, and the colour. Did you also take note of the venue and the weather on your special day? 

For instance, strappy, open-toed wedding shoes are not optimal during the winter. A pair of stilettos can get you stuck in soil, sand, and pavement cracks, so they are not ideal for outdoor venues. These are some of the things the Wildfire team can help you with.

Whether looking for elegant heels, unconventional boots, or strappy options, Wildfire can ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident on your big day. Are you ready to shop for wedding shoes for the entire bridal party? Let's start!


Should I choose closed or open toes?


While giving your bridal party the freedom to choose which type of wedding shoes to wear for your big day is essential, we must highlight the need to check for weather predictions. We don't want frozen toes on everyone who must walk down the aisle, so let's choose the appropriate, comfortable wedding shoes.

If you're getting married in winter, the most obvious choice is closed-toe options. Wildfire has heeled boots or closed-toe heels, ideal for cold weather. Meanwhile, you can choose open-toed wedding shoes for warmer seasons for more ventilation. Besides the weather, follow your preference. You can only confidently walk if you are comfortable with what you wear.

Wildfire's collection of heeled boots is gorgeous! They aren't the first choice for brides and their bridal parties, but they're practical and stylish for winter. If you're all about starting an unconventional and memorable trend, we suggest you try them. Gaze is an excellent option to consider. These wedding shoes feature a softly rounded toe with a zip at the back for easy wearing. Furthermore, due to the exceptional quality of these ankle-length heeled boots, you are free to wear them to any occasion, even after your special day.


Which height is best for everyone?


Unless everyone has the same height range, we recommend going with everyone's preferences. While brides traditionally wore high heels for their wedding shoes to ensure elevation and that they wouldn't trip on their dresses, times have changed. You can have your wedding gown altered or adjusted to complement your wedding shoes, giving you more freedom to choose. 

Wildfire has low and high heels to fit everyone's preferences. Which one are you most comfortable with? Ask your bridal party which wedding shoes they can walk, stand, dance, and mingle in for hours.

Another consideration is the height of the partner. High heels are the best wedding shoes if the height difference is noticeable. While the elevation can be intimidating, you can always choose options with broad bases. 

Wildfire's collection of block heels has the most comfortable wedding shoes for the entire bridal party. No one will ever feel uncomfortable or strained because block heels distribute the weight evenly, relieving the pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. Besides weight distribution, wedding shoes with broad bases are more stable and ideal for outdoor venues. You can walk on soft grounds without digging into them or toppling forward. Hitched is the ultimate option for wedding shoes from the Wildfire collection. This online-exclusive bridal shoe has a buckled ankle strap for adjustability, a stable 9-cm block heel, and a band of glimmering diamantes across the toes.


Is it appropriate to wear coloured wedding shoes?


We live in modern times when fashion has evolved, making coloured wedding shoes appropriate. While traditional white is still in demand, wearing a different colour is acceptable. If you know the tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue on your special day, your wedding shoes can be any of the four. Some have chosen blue because of this tradition. 

Our collection of bridal and evening heels from Wildfire comes in various colours. Choose among eleven stunning colours: black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. As mentioned, you can choose blue wedding shoes, and the best one from Wildfire's collection is Aurora. This chic square-toed option is available only online and features two narrow bands across the arch of the foot. These bridal heels come with thick block heels and a strappy tie-up design that gives you a customisable fit.


Can we wear them after the event?


The answer to this question is a resounding yes! It would be a waste not to wear your stunning wedding shoes again. Do you want them to turn dusty and lose their lustre in the closet? 

You and your bridal party can reminisce about your big day whenever you wear them. They are excellent memorabilia and will make you smile every time. And while Wildfire wedding shoes ensure longevity, how about taking these extra steps to ensure they will last long enough for your child to try on someday?

  • If your wedding shoes get wet at your wedding party, ensure they are thoroughly dry before storing them. Wipe with a clean cloth, then leave to dry naturally, avoiding direct heat sources that can ruin the material.
  • Store them properly inside a closet, rack, or bag. Leaving them exposed to dust can ruin their material and make them dirty.


Wildfire is Every Bride's Dream!


Why go hard when you can go easy with Wildfire wedding shoes? The brand prioritises your comfort and ease on your big day! Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab options for your bridal party!

If you're a modern bride, Wildfire might be the place where you discover the perfect pair of beautiful shoes to complete your wedding dress. When you wear our shoes to the ceremony, reception, and after-party, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy yourself the whole day, whether you're dancing on the dance floor with the groom or just hanging out with another wedding guest.

What a fantastic way to save time and effort while searching for bridal shoes online, too. Invite your bridesmaids to go shoe shopping with you while you search for the ideal pair of bridesmaid shoes to complement their gowns.