New To Heels? Low Heels Are A Great Option!

Low heels are trendy, cosy, and the perfect pick this season! Are you new to wearing platforms? You can step out in confidence with our block heels on your feet, and never worry about getting the wobbles!

Keep reading to find out why you should start your heel journey with our short styles!

Low heels make standing, walking, and dancing a breeze!

Do you want to know why you should pick womens lowmid heels? Let us tell you a bit about our low white heels, and we’re sure you’ll feel convinced soon enough! As lovely as our tall stilettos and other high styles are, they’re not going to be a perfect match for everyone.

If you rarely wear platforms or are your first time buying them, then black patent are the safest place to begin. High casual boots come with steep inclines, which boost your height and set your feet on an angle that makes your muscles tense.

While this has a flattering effect on your figure, there’s an added level of pressure to your feet, ankles, calves, and body that you’ll need to get used to in time. Casual shoes do the same thing, but since their inclines aren’t as extreme, it’s much easier to acclimate yourself and learn how to manage.

As such, we highly recommend short platforms for ladies who don’t have a lot of experience wearing these types of shoes. Block-based low heel shoes offer you the most support and balance since they have the broadest base.

However, our alternative designs are close contenders for the top spot too! If you think low mule heels with a wedge platform or thick block look too heavy with your outfit, then our slim-sided styles are the way to go!

These shoes have the width of typical block-based media, but they feel more subtle than our thick lowmid heels since they have a slender side profile. Beyond that, there are our kitten-high styles and small pumps.

While they are as slim as traditional stilettos, these low nude patent are far easier to move around in since they aren’t overly tall. Ladies who never (or rarely) go out on platforms won’t have trouble getting around in our short stilettos.

Wildfire has low dress shoes for every occasion!

We have so many gorgeous designs waiting for you on our shelves! Are you searching for low heel shoes that you can wear with your casual clothes? Maybe you want to start incorporating platforms into your everyday outfits.

If so, starting small with low leather heels is a great way to go! Our slide-on styles are a popular pick with casual outfits, especially if you want something easy to pair with jeans and a cute tee.

This season, we think colourful low heeled sandals with braided tops, thick bands with peep-toes, and thong-style straps are some of the best for everyday wear. Which type can you see yourself wearing?

Ladies looking for low heels online to take to a special event will also find their ideal matches in the Wildfire collection. Long events like weddings and momentous birthday parties (like 18th, 21st, 50th, etc.) can be challenging for anyone on elevated platforms.

Most ladies will opt to wear low heels of their volution since these offer the longest-lasting support and comfort. We recommend minimal styles in white, black, or natural shades for formal events since they’ll easily match different outfits and accessories.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with see-through bands or straps on low heels since they’ll complement your formalwear too! Have you been searching for low heels that you could wear to work? Our short platforms are the ideal pick for your office!

While most workplace dress codes these days will welcome flats, corporate settings tend to push for dressier attire. If you know, you’ll be expected to spend your nine-to-five in pumps or court shoes. Then lace up boots heels are going to be your new best friends.

Since they have a slight incline, they won’t cause your feet any undue stress, and they’ll be easy to keep on during the day. Whether you spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk, standing up, or walking to and from meetings, our low heels will keep you feeling comfortable.

Since your dress code will likely insist that your toes remain covered, we recommend short sling-back stilettos with pointed toes.  

Are you worried that you’ll miss out on our most stylish designs?

Well, there’s no need to worry! Here at Wildfire, we believe in providing everyone with the most stylish looks and trends of the season, which is why our range has so much variety.  

We know that ladies can spend a day in giant stilettos and others who will only feel comfortable on low heels. Why would we exclude anyone from the season’s best trends? Our high and low heeled pump all get updated with the hottest decor, textures, and features whenever they land.

That’s why you’ll see crocodile patterns, cute pastel colours, and woven or braided material on our shoes this season, regardless of the height of their platform. It’s also why you’ll see cake-stand styles, slim-sided media, and trendy straps on tall and low heels this year.

In truth, many of our shoes take inspiration from one another, so if you spot something in one collection, you might find a lookalike in a different height. So, if you’re browsing Wildfire’s online store sometime soon and spot stilettos, wedges, or elevated platforms that you instantly adore, then you should stop and see if they have a sibling style in another section of our website.

Don’t feel put off by a gorgeous design because it has a ten-centimetre point on the base— search our collection of low heels, and you will probably spot a shorter version!

No matter what type of shoes you prefer to walk around on, Wildfire will have something fashionable that can update your wardrobe!

What do you think?

Are you going to give our low heels a try this season? Before you start adding anything to your shopping cart, be sure to check out our range of accessories and shoe care products. Add a cute set of earrings or some handy gel grips to your next order of low heels, and you should qualify for free shipping!

Now, come and browse the Wildfire collection today!