New to heels? Try Out These Easy to Walk-In Styles from Wildfire

It's your first time wearing heels. Unfortunately, constant debates on the issue of heels continue. Do you sacrifice comfort for a chance to elongate your legs? Or do you choose the health of your feet above all else?


For first-timers, choose shoes that are easy to walk in. Why hassle and inflict yourself? Allow our Wildfire team to help you by providing a rundown of easy-to-walk-in heels from Wildfire. 2.5–5 cm, which is low enough to save your feet and their balls from unnecessary aching.


Style 1 - Low 


Low heels are the epitome of easy-to-walk-in and trendy footwear because they are at the nexus of comfort and style. We recommend these shoes for first-timers, as they are a godsend. Women averse to discomfort and pain will love how low heels provide them with the height experience they crave. 


The advantage of these shoes is that they do not have steep inclines, protecting your feet from aching muscles. Are you looking for shoes you can wear to work? Because if you are, low heels are the best, supporting you as you walk from one room to another.


You get to attend your meeting without the added strain on your muscles, knees, and back. However, work is stressful, and the least you can do is find a comfortable pair of low heels to lessen the things that will bother you. 


These shoes often go as high as 2.5–5 cm, which is low enough to save your feet and their balls from unnecessary aching.


Low heels are good for your health, unlike shoes with staggering height. Shoes higher than 7 cm will force you to exert more effort to stop you from falling forward. In addition, high heels alter your balance and move your weight forward, so you must adjust how you walk. 


So, go for Wildfire low heels if you want trendy and comfortable options. 


They come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Determine your accurate Wildfire size by checking the handy size guide. We recommend going for the bigger size if you are in between sizes.

The kitten is one of our most popular and distinctive low heels. Typically, kittens between 3 and 5 cm tall are ideal for work, as you can walk in them easily. In addition, they are low-impact and go well with a corporate capsule wardrobe.


Style 2 - Block Heels


While block heels are equally comfortable for constant walking, the main difference with low shoes is the width of the heel. And block shoes can be low or high, but because the thick heels distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure from the feet, you can still walk comfortably in them.


Is your calendar full of special events that require you to mingle and walk around for hours?


Then block heels will come to your rescue. These shoes are ideal for outdoor occasions that call for formal attire and where the environment and the weather can cause worry. Unlike stiletto heels, thicker heels will keep you from sinking into the ground, sand, or gravel.


If you don't require much height, we suggest short-block heels. Do it, and your feet will be eternally grateful. Choosing a pair of these shoes from Wildfire will provide you with integrated arch support and a cushioned footbed with shock absorption. 


These women's heels are versatile, giving you value for your money. They come in fourteen unique, vibrant colours that match your entire wardrobe. The colours are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


Even though walking in high heels is a comfortable experience, it wouldn't hurt to master a few walking tips, especially for special occasions. 


  • .Get better through practice. Test your high heels on several types of flooring throughout the house, including carpet, wood, stairways, and slick surfaces.


Do not put your whole foot down at once. Instead, put the heel down before the toes in a back-to-front motion when walking in these shoes.


  • Break in your shoes. Wear thick socks to stretch and mould the footwear to your feet when practising in high heels. It will make walking more comfortable and prevent blisters from forming.


Put Your Best Foot Forward by Giving Your Heels Some TLC!


You spent your money on a favourite pair of heels, so naturally, you want to get your money's worth. So please provide your low heels, mid heels, kitten heels, block heels, platform shoes, court heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, etc., with proper care to make them last longer. The team at Wildlife will give you a rundown of the tried-and-tested tips. 


Tip #1: Always keep them clean.


Dirt can cause shoe materials to weaken and deteriorate, so removing them is crucial as soon as you get home. Wipe your heels constantly with a soft cloth. You can take advantage of erasers that can remove stains and hardened grime. 


No matter how exhausted you are at the end of the day, please spend a few minutes checking your shoes and removing dirt to keep them in good condition. First, check for cuts and wipe up wet dirt before it dries. Then, ensure you've taken everything off. 


Tip #2: Keep them sanitised. 


Hygiene plays a significant role in lengthening the life span of your heels. The long-term buildup of dirt and muck can promote the development of mould, which emits an unpleasant odour. Prevention is better than cure. Remove all the dirt before it can accumulate. 


Get on the internet and watch various online techniques for cleaning grime without harming your shoes' material or colour.


Tip #3: Proper storage is essential. 


Place charcoal sachets inside your heels to prevent humidity from making your shoes smell. Fresh-smelling heels will last longer than the average shoe. Do you have spare money for a dry shoe closet?


Investing in one will protect your footwear from harmful elements. If you have limited space for a closet, shoe racks are ideal alternatives. In addition, shoe bags with lots of pockets are space savers because you hang them behind the door.


Go and Grab a Pair of High Heels Now!


Did you go through all that we shared? Think of your long-term health when considering a pair of heels. No strain is worth sacrificing your comfort over.


Choose a style from Wildfire that will make walking easier for you. Then, head to our online store or the stockist nearest you.