New To High Heels? Follow These Tips!


Are you having trouble figuring out how to pull off high heels?

Let Wildfire guide and advise you this season. There are a few tips and tricks we can offer you right away, and we can talk you through the key things to consider before you start shopping for a new pair. We’ll help you unleash your wild side this season with high heels that you can handle.


Be careful about where you wear your pair


It bears mentioning, so we’re putting this piece of advice right at the top. Depending on where you plan to take your high heels, the style that would be best can differ considerably. For instance, stilettos are a popular choice at indoor venues, but the moment you step outside and onto grass or gravel, things can turn south quickly. Likewise, a thick-soled pair of high heels might be spectacular at an outdoor music festival, but look awkward and out-of-place at a fancy venue.


Add some foot care accessories to your order


Want to know the secret to unlimited comfort when you wear high heels? At Wildfire, our foot care accessories are powerful allies that can ensure endurance during the lengthiest parties and celebrations. Our innersoles sit on the base of your high heels, where they cushion your feet, absorb shock as you walk, and help alleviate muscle strain and tension. If you’re a beginner and don’t trust yourself to last the entire night in a towering set of stilettos, then our innersoles might provide you with the extra boost you need to accomplish the feat. We have a few different options you can try with your high heels, including our half innersoles or full-length fabric or gel innersoles.


Do you feel behind-the-times? 


We’ve had plenty of fantastic new high heels coming in as we start the transition into summer and 2020. Anyone who hasn’t had the time to browse styles, or who feels like their falling behind on fashion trends, should try to catch up now before the holidays start! To help get you started, and get you on your way to finding the ultimate high heels this summer, Wildfire is going to recommend a few new designs outright.


Block-based designs are your best friends


Anyone who struggles to walk in stick-thin high heels will appreciate the added balance that these bring. Our full-block styles are an excellent choice with a lot of variations. However, we also have high heels with additional width that still appear slender from the sides. As we inch closer to summer, the latter has picked up lots of interest. With their two horizontal top straps and chic look, you’ll love how well these high heels disguise functional features under bold fashion!


Try our translucent designs


These modern high heels will be a step in the right direction for your collection. Like our other block-based designs, shoes in this look are cosy, supportive, and great for hours of extended wear. They are a marvellous choice for someone who has limited experience with high heels too since they’re no trouble to match with different outfits. Unlike colourful or textured styles, our see-through shoes pair seamlessly with any item of clothing and can’t ever clash. These translucent high heels would look crystalline with formal attire, but they’d be cute with casual clothes too.


Remember, it isn’t a contest 


There’s no telling who will feel comfy and confident in high heels and who won’t, so taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Don’t feel pressured into wearing styles that are too tall or too skinny for you. At Wildfire, there are heaps that you can choose, so no matter how new you are to wearing high heels, you can find something that’s at your level.