New to High Heels? Here’s Our Guide to Walking in Heels with Ease!

Do you have a special occasion coming up?


You’re likely here because the event has a dress code that requires you to wear high heels, but you don’t know how. However, you came to the right place because we can give you all the tips you need to walk in high heels easily.


We’ve all been in your position. Fortunately, the team at Wildfire knows your dilemma all too well; some of us can relate because we have chosen high heels at one time or another! 


We only take it out of the closet when there’s a need for it. And when there are, we repeatedly refer to these helpful tips and steps.


Are you ready to start your lessons? We’re excited to see you rock thoseWildfire high heels and make people believe you’re an expert and you’ve been wearing them for years. 


Tip 1—Find the perfect fit.


You will never be comfortable if your high heels are too big or small. Shoes that are too big might fly off from your feet, while those that are too small can cause you more pain, as if the discomfort of wearing high heels isn’t painful enough already. 


It can also cause more swelling. It’s best to buy your high heels in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest size to accommodate the increase.


Tip 2—Practice at home.


Practice does make things perfect, so you go and do it. Before you start parading around the house in your high heels, walk on tiptoes to strengthen your muscles. 


Once they have muscle memory, wear high heels and walk on as many surfaces as possible—carpet, wood, tile, and stairs.


Tip 3—Break in your shoes.


Expect your new high heels to be tight, so you must break into the new pair. The usual way is to wear thick socks while you walk around the house. Then, do your chores in high heels until the footwear moulds to your feet. 


If this trick isn’t enough, an unconventional way to break in your shoes is to wear thick socks, wriggle your toes, and blow dry them for around 2–5 minutes. The heat will expand your high heels, following the shape of your feet.


Tip 4—Practice outdoors.


Walking in high heels indoors is different from walking outdoors. Without carpet or flat flooring, it’s more complicated. Your house likely has railings you can hold on to, but the venue might not have one, so it’s good to get a dry run of the actual moment.


Tip 5—Never put your whole feet down at once.


Wearing high heels is all about finesse and grace, so avoid stomping your feet all at once. Instead, walk in a fluid motion, putting your heel down first before your toes. 


Then, please wait until your entire foot is on the ground before lifting the other and putting it in front of the other.


Tip 6—Take small steps.


Never attempt using your usual stride when walking in high heels. Usually, the higher you go, the smaller your stride becomes. So instead of fighting it off, enjoy the moment. Take your time while walking. 


Strolling with your gaze straight ahead will give off an air of confidence. Think of this as your big moment, allowing everyone to stare at you and your gorgeous Wildfire high heels. Don’t forget to smile!


Tip 7—Lean back.


Wearing high heels alters your center of balance, which forces your neck forwards to compensate. Fight that tendency by leaning slightly back to counteract it. Unfortunately, not only will leaning forward look weird, but it will also strain your back and body.


Tip 8—Relive your biking lessons.


Do you still remember the rules while learning how to ride a bike?


Since wearing high heels is also about maintaining your balance, you can apply the same rules: look straight ahead as if you were balancing an invisible book on your head, and 


Imagine you are on an invisible straight line toward the endpoint. Then, walk with grace as you do.


Tip 9—Help yourself.


You can make it easier to walk in high heels by buying products to help you at the event. For example, Wildfire has heel grips, stoppers, and gel cushions that would help your feet feel less pain and pressure from the extra height.


Heel stoppers are a godsend, especially if the venue is outdoors. They keep your high heels from sinking into soft, uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, carpet, pavement cracks, and sand. 


Also, heel grips give you more grip and keep blisters from forming on the back of your feet from rubbing too much.


You'll be glad we told you to get gel cushions later because they give you extra comfort where you need them most. Also, this product will cushion your feet to counteract the pressure your high heels put on them.


Tip 10—Post-wearing treatment.


Even with days of practise, your feet will feel sore after wearing your high heels, so give them some TLC as a reward for putting up with the pain. Here are some ways to treat and restore your feet to 100%.


  • Elevate your feet to prevent swelling and hasten the healing of sore muscles. For example, lie flat on your back and prop your feet on pillows or a chair for 30 minutes.

  • Massage your feet using a ball and roll them under and at the sides of your foot. Doing this will relax your feet, undoing the stiffness caused by wearing high heels.

  • Treat your feet to a home spa by soaking them in warm water for 15 – 20 minutes. A warm foot soak reduces inflammation from wearing high heels for hours. In addition, it restores your feet to their original state and stimulates blood flow.


Time to Put Tips into Practice! 


Always remember that confidence is vital! These tips will help you wear heels with ease. Head to the Wildfire online store or the nearest retailer so you can get your shoes and start practising!


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