New To Wearing Heels… Low Heels Are Perfect For You!

Wildfire’s low heels are the perfect match for you! Are you new to wearing platforms? Don’t get intimidated by the height of those styles! Instead, choose our low heels, and enjoy a touch of elegance and sophistication without compromising your comfort. We know that learning to move comfortably in stilettos, wedges, and other sizable platforms is a skill that takes some people more time to cultivate than others. While you’re still figuring it out, treat yourself to a pair of low heels! Our collection has so many stunning styles that you’re sure to discover something that suits your aesthetic. Now, who’s ready to find their ideal fit in 2021? 

Who says low heels aren’t as gorgeous as our full-length designs?

Some people seem to think that choosing shorter platforms means sacrificing style for comfort, but that isn’t the case at all! Here at Wildfire, we design our low heels with the same trendy features as the tallest stilettos. Many of our best-loved mules and similar styles get modelled off of popular pumps in our collection. Other than the fact that the short pairs come with low heels, they’re practically identical to full-sized platforms. When we bring out the latest fashion features and update shoes in the Wildfire range, we offer them to all of our styles, so you can be sure that you’ll find a beautiful pair with the hottest looks! It’s true that platforms define the shape of your legs and ankles, and offer you a flattering figure, but you’ll reap the same benefits with low heels. Plus, you won’t have to deal with discomfort if you’re new to wearing these sorts of shoes!  

Low heels are cosy, cute, and simple to wear for hours! 

You won’t ever need to feel frightened by our short styles! The low heels in the Wildfire collection are a must-have for ladies who want to wear platforms but don’t have much experience. For starters, you shouldn’t feel unbalanced or wobbly with our pairs on your feel. Low heels are effortless to move, walk, and dance on, since they have such a slight incline. Regardless of whether you pick up stilettos or block-based shoes for your collection, you’ll have no trouble taking your new style out from sunrise to sunset (or until the next morning!). 

Do you want to try stilettos but feel intimidated by tall pairs?

Low heels at Wildfire come in more than block-based designs. We have a whole host of cute styles available in 2021, including little stilettos. These thin-based styles will provide your legs with a flattering and slender profile. Of course, since designs like this come with low heels, there’s little to no pressure placed on your ankles and legs. Similarly, the short incline won’t leave you feeling wobbly, even if you’re an amateur wearing them. This season, we recommend picking up low heels with toe thong straps, sling-back ankles, and thick top bands. They come in all sorts of colours this season too, so you’ll feel spoiled for choice!

Do you want to know which low heels we recommend in 2021?

Wildfire has an impressive selection of low heels. So, we figured that the best way to inspire your next shop is to offer up some fun trends and favourite looks that we’ve seen this summer. First, we recommend low heels with crocodile pattern, braided material, or see-through material. So, you can enjoy a trendy finish. If you’re interested in a retro style, our cake-stand stilettos, toe thong styles, or sling-backs would be a great place to start.

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If you’re new to wearing platforms, then low heels will be a go-to in 2021. Come and see what Wildfire has on