New to Wearing High Heels? These Styles are Perfect for You!

Since wearing high heels requires work, ask yourself several times if you are ready for the responsibility. If you are, then good for you. We've gathered tips to help you walk in them confidently.


If you want to wait to take on stilettos, other heels are available at Wildfire that is equally stylish, versatile, and affordable. And the best part? They are comfortable, and you can wear them for hours without complaining.


Choose from low to mid-heels in styles like wedges, heeled boots, platform shoes, court heels, peep-toe heels, etc. We've got you covered!


Where do you plan on wearing the heels?


The good news is that Wildfire footwear is versatile, and you can wear it at all events. So you get more bang for your buck! Isn't that great?


The team at Wildfire has put together all the styles that fit your tastes so that you can put your best foot forward! May our choice give you the extra boost you need to get through everything you have planned. Please continue reading if you're ready to find "the perfect heels!"


A Guide to Help You Purchase and Wear Heels


While we know how sexy and tempting it is to purchase stilettos, we suggest you put it off for another day if this is your first time wearing high heels. Stilettos will put you on a steep, uncomfortable incline.


Look at the other Wildfire high heels available. The block heel is perfect for alleviating the impact of your every step. This style can come in low or high, with a thick heel that distributes your weight evenly. Doing so removes tension and pain in your legs and lower back!


You can also consider high heels with open toes because these shoes allow your feet to spread out and be more stable. On the other hand, Pointy pumps are attractive but squeeze your toes together, causing more discomfort.


Allow our team to provide you with different styles of Wildfire heels that are perfect for your first time. Then, read on to learn more!


Style 1—Sling-back


Every woman should own a pair of slingbacks to add to their wardrobe rotation. An ankle strap that crosses only around the back and sides of the ankle and heel characterises these high heels. This footwear combines class, comfort, and support, which the strap around your ankle provides.


For brunch with friends, you can match your sling-back heels with wide-leg jeans paired with a crisp blazer. But, if you use them at work, pair them with a button-down lacy polo and cropped ankle pants. Here are some styling options you can consider:


If you want to add colour to your wardrobe, check out Wildfire's All About That Bling section, where you'll find a hot pink pair of sling-back heels adorned with a diamond-studded design. The slingback can serve as an accent to a black dressy number of your choice!


Style 2—Mules


Mules are the kind of heels you must have in your wardrobe if you're practical. In addition, you would want to keep these heels as a wise spender because you use them on multiple occasions. Imagine the cost you'll incur if you keep buying a new pair of shoes for every special occasion.


These slip-on heels are backless and breathable, ideal for warm-weather occasions. Also, the straps don't rub or irritate the backs of your ankles.


You can pair these outfits with mules: skinny jeans and a crop top on warmer days, a midi skirt with tights on colder ones, a maxi dress for an elegant look, and a jumpsuit for a casual hang.


Style 3—Platform-the block heels with uniformly thick front and rear


Platform heels are perfect for women looking for added height but who want to avoid pain. This footwear also raises the front of the foot, removing the need to negotiate a painful steep incline.


If you recognise these high heels, you probably saw a photo of your mother wearing them. Platforms give off a retro vibe reminiscent of the '70s. If you are searching for heels to take dancing with you, platforms are your best bet!


Some styling suggestions include making your platforms the accent of your overall outfit. For example, pair your silky chemise mini dress with one of Wildfire's collection of platforms in the New Arrivals section.


Practice Makes Perfect


If dressing up is how you prepare for a special event, practise is your preparation for wearing women's high heels, especially if it's your first time. You need more than your mid heels (like your low kitten heels) to look good. It would be best if you carried them confidently.


Our team at Wildfire has gathered some tips and suggestions on how you can walk in them like a runway model:


  • We suggest walking around the house in your Wildfire high heels. Try them on as many flooring as possible: carpet, garden, and stairs.
  • Prepare for high heels as athletes prepare for a sport by strengthening the muscles and body parts involved—in the case of heels, your joints and ankles. Do simple exercises to strengthen them.
  • To avoid blisters, break in your shoes. Walk around the house wearing thick socks to stretch your shoes and shape them for a perfect fit.
  • You can also start walking in low heels, moving into mid heels - progressing to new heights in your favourite high heels!


How to Keep Them Clean


  1. Clean the insides of your heels with a dry tissue to remove sweat your feet might have left after walking and doing activities the entire day.
  2. Use a brush if the material is leather or suede, and move in quick circular motions to remove dirt stuck on the footwear.
  3. Ground coffee works like magic in removing foul odours. Before storage, you can place small packets of ground coffee inside the heels.
  4. Store them properly in shoe bags, boxes, or closets. Please do not leave them lying around because dust particles might accumulate and destroy them.


Get the Perfect Heels for You!


Stop thinking and start buying. Wildfire women's heels will get you through all your special events in a comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable manner. Head to the Wildfire online store or the retailer nearest you.