Not A Fan Of Heels? Check Out Our Range Of Flats

Are you sick of wearing heels? Are you tired of having sore feet? We feel you! There is a lot of pressure on women to wear heels when they have an event. Depending on the workplace, there might even be some pressure from work to present yourself in a certain way. Yes, we've all been there, and we know it can be difficult to wear flats to work or other social events. 


Those sky-high stilettos might look amazing on the shelf and probably won't feel too bad when you're trying them on, but it's another story when you are on your feet all day. It can be hard to conceal your pained face while engaging in chitchat throughout an event! 


So, Wildfire is here to show you that there are no rules for fashion and styling. It's all about feeling comfortable and confident in your threads. So why isn't this extended to your footwear? Well, we are going to show you how you can style your wardrobe with flats over heels!


So, ditch the heels and read on as we take you through some trendy looking flats that you will be able to wear anywhere!




Now, we know what you're thinking. Aren't flatform heels? 


Well, not necessarily. Flatforms have an additional height that evenly extends from the front to the back of the shoe, so even though there is a small height, it is as comfortable as a pair of flats. It is an even height throughout the shoe. 


Flatforms are great for the warmer months, as well as transitioning into the cooler months too. Feel great knowing you can dress up your outfits with a pair of flatforms over heels. Wildfires flatform designs are sandal or slip-on designs with stylish two-tone and braided rope heel details. 


Wearing flats doesn't mean sacrificing an extra few inches, so these flats are fantastic for your work attire. Pair them with your slim-fit pants or wide-leg pants and a long line boyfriend blazer for the perfect smart but stylish office outfit. And if it's a social event you'd prefer to wear these flats, then pair them up with your favourite jeans, dresses and skirts for a fresh and comfortable look. The options are endless with flatforms, so get yourself a pair today.


The Perfect Work Flats


At Wildfire, we have the perfect work flats for you! Seamlessly transition into flats for work by checking out our collection. Your workmates won't even notice you walking into the office without your heels.  We are sure they will notice the great looking flats on your feet! 


A great work shoe substitute to heels is pointed toe slingback flats; these shoes are stylish and corporate, all wrapped up into one. These styles look great with your work attire, slim fit pants, straight-lined skirts with smart flowy blouses and even straight-lined dresses. Your options are limitless. 


Get some slingback flats in basic black, or maybe dabble in a fun leopard print!


Although in our opinion these flats are the perfect work shoes, that doesn't mean you can't take these shoes out of the office! These are the perfect accompaniment for social events where you don't want to wear heels, so dress for comfort in our slingback flats. 


Sandals and Slides


It's summertime, and you have countless social events weekend after weekend. It can get exhausting wearing your heels for long periods, so why put yourself through that discomfort? Opt for a pair of trendy sandals or slides to complete your summer outfit! 


Sandals and slides are a great form of flats; they are comfortable, stylish, fun and versatile. We really mean your options are limitless with our flats. Wear them right through summer with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. This list includes dresses, skirts, jeans, cut off denim shorts, high waisted tailored shorts, wide-leg pants, jumpsuits, and the list goes on! 


Our sandals and slides come in a range of colours, prints, textures and styles, so we are sure you will find the perfect pair of flats to add to your summer wardrobe! Opt for elegant strappy sandals or linen buckle detailed slides to wear with dresses for your classier events. For your more relaxed events, opt for a pair of toe strap detailed sandals or braided strappy slip-on. 


These flats look great. You can guarantee that you will be one of the most comfortable guests at the party! Feel confident, knowing that your flats will be able to keep you in total comfort all day and night long. So, don't go to another event in your sky-high heels and kill your feet. Take a step away from your heels this summer and experiment with our sandals and slides. Trust us, you won't go back to your heels after you give our flats a go on your next night out! 




As we step into the cooler months, you may feel some pressure is taken off that you can put your strappy high heels away for the winter. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you will pull out your winter boots and be walking on a cloud, either. Dressy-heeled boots come with their own set of uncomfortable problems, so why not opt for a pair of boots without the heel? 


Wildfire's boots are a great form of flats for winter; keep your tootsies warm and comfortable this winter. While keeping stylish this winter, opt for a pair of lace-up combat boots or chunky pull-on ankle boots. These shoes are great for giving your outfit a little edge and attitude! 


Ditch the heels and walk in comfort and bad-ass style with our boots. These styles look fantastic when worn with frayed hem jeans or rolled cuffed wide-leg jeans, baggy printed tees, leather, or bomber jackets. Experiment and add some edgy pieces to your wardrobe this winter and grab yourself a pair of boots to get you started! 


We've shown you the different ways you can incorporate flats into your every day and going-out outfits this season as well as next. We hope we've given you the confidence to ditch the heels and embrace flats into your wardrobe. Gone are the days where you'll be in constant discomfort all day long and start dressing for comfort. 

Get yourself to Wildfire today to check out our range of trendy flats at the most affordable prices!