Not Use To Wearing Heels? We’ve Got Some Brilliant Tips For You!


There’s no denying that high heels can be hard work!

Anyone who isn’t used to these sorts of shoes can have a difficult time when they suddenly need to wear them out. If pumps, kitten heels, and court shoes aren’t part of your weekly work wardrobe and you rarely wear them out, then the thought of having them on for hours at a formal event can be daunting. And, unfortunately, heels are often the expected footwear at weddings, work functions, and special occasions. The team at Wildfire would like to offer you a few tricks and tip to consider this season. If you’re a novice when it comes to heels, then read on to learn all the secrets!

1. Grab shoes with short or thick heels!


The higher your shoes stretch, the steeper the incline your feet have to fit onto, and the more pressure you’ll place on your muscles. Someone who has little experience with tall heels will be far more comfortable (and less wobbly) on something lower down.


Similarly, if you only have a small stiletto point to balance on as you walk, dance, and stand, then the more strain you’ll incur on your feet. Wide heels offer better balance and support, move smoothly across uneven terrain, and are more beginner-friendly than stilettos and pumps.

2. Wear your heels in before you wear them out!


One way to avoid walking awkwardly or risking shoe-related pains is to try out your shoes before your event. On the off-chance that you have bought a pair of heels with stiff material, this can help loosen them up better you take them out for real. Even if you’re feeling good about your chosen pair (and we hope you do!), doing a few laps of your hallway or kitchen can help shape the style to your unique foot shape. If there are problem areas you weren’t aware of during your initial fitting, you should be able to feel them after wearing them for longer. And, once you know what parts of your heels could be issues, you can get prepared!  

3. Remember that foot care accessories are sole savers!


If you start the night with some comfy gel inserts or innersoles to cushion your feet, then you’ll stay cosy in your sky-high heels for longer than you can imagine. It’s incredible how effective a simple insert can be, but the proof is in the painless wear. So, anyone who’s worried about sore feet or a lack of support can rest easy with these!


Are blisters on your back heels the bane of your existence? Wildfire heels aren’t known for stiff straps or for causing skin irritation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a few blister plasters or gel grips tucked away in your bag will be highly beneficial if you’re a novice with heels. The moment that your skin starts feeling tender, all you need to do is sit down and stick a few of these over the offending area!

4. Don’t forget that you have other options! 


Who says that you have to wear heels at all? If you don’t feel comfortable wearing these sorts of shoes, then why would you risk compromising a good time? Wildfire has plenty of other options for you this season! Ladies who still want a height boost can try our flatform sandals. Our pointy-toed sling-back flats have all the grace of kitten heels. Even our summery slides make cute formal shoes.


At Wildfire, we’ve got options to suit anyone! 


Hopefully, our little guide has started you on the path to find your perfect pair. Have a look at our heels (or something else) online today!