Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Formal Shoe!

Finding the ideal set of formal shoes shouldn’t be a challenge


Wildfire makes shopping for events easier than you can imagine! The broad range of designs and different finishes on our shelves provide plenty of alternatives to make your selection from, so your best formal shoes might already be waiting for you! Check out our guide below to narrow down your choices and get the ultimate formal shoes this winter. Keep reading for a look at 2019's trends!


Take the venue and the length of your event into consideration


Long events devoid of seats are a nightmare in a set of stilettos, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the style. Likewise, the best formal shoes for an outdoor party can be drastically different from a pair for a birthday dinner indoors. So, which style is best? We can offer advice, but only you will know how comfortable certain heights or widths are on your formal shoes. Block heels bring longer-lasting comfort and support that stilettos, but you can always cheat and wear shorter kitten heels if you love the slim look. When in doubt, add width to the heel of your formal shoes or get a lower style.


Select a heel that suits its purpose


If you want a big height boost without placing strain on your legs and feet, then the formal shoes you want are wedges. Wildfire’s espadrilles have immense block bases and use a platform to increase their height instead of getting steeper. Formal shoes from this section with buckled straps are a much-loved option, but to stretch out your legs even further, we advise choosing ones with self-tie straps.


Consider wearing flats


Heels are the go-to for most ladies headed off to special events, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the be-all and end-all of formal shoes. Depending on the venues and settings you’re headed into, heels can be detrimental to your experience. Flats are far simpler to spend a night dancing in than stilettos and have no difficulty moving across surfaces that would spell disaster for skinny heels. Our slides have crossover straps and metallic buckle features, which makes complementing them with jewellery and other accessories simple.


Get the latest looks of the season on your formal shoes


We recommend that you pick up a pair of lilac heels! This pale purple is subtle and goes with bold prints and patterns, yet also gives your outfit a lift. Contemporary styles in this shade are either block styles or kitten heels, but either make fabulous formal shoes. If your clothes stick to monochrome or neutral palettes, then lilac will be a flattering match. We love the look of this pastel purple, and we know you will too!


Don’t forget about classic formal shoes!


While it’s tempting to choose the trendiest looks as they come, sometimes a timeless one is best. If you’re off to a wedding, begin your search for formal shoes with white and natural ones. Grab an elegant black cocktail heel for a dinner date or work function. If you need formal shoes for work, update your wardrobe with pumps. Help your formal shoes transcend time and place.


Are you closing in on the ideal design?


There are a heap of things to factor in before you start adding any formal shoes into your shopping cart, so take your time to think about our tips. Once you’re ready, hop online and browse our collection to make your selection! Take advantage of our affordable styles and convenient delivery, and get your new ones home today. Burn bright this winter in a pair of Wildfire formal shoes, and unleash your wild side!