Our Most Comfortable Formal Shoe!

Which formal shoes are the most comfortable pair at Wildfire? It would be impossible to pick one! We design our heels and formal shoes to provide lasting support and enduring comfort. One style does spring to mind as the cosiest pick, and that’s our block heels! 


Of course, that’s not to say that none of our stiletto heels would make cosy formal shoes. Cake-stand heels are a favourite design from the 90s that Wildfire has recently brought back in, and those mid-high stilettos are known for their long-lasting comfort. 


Still, when it comes to the most reliable and easy-to-wear heels, we think block-based formal shoes are the ultimate pick! The wide platform on these styles provide you with the best balance on uneven surfaces and help distribute your body weight evenly through your legs. 


Usually, the taller and steeper your heels get, the more strain you place on your legs and ankles. But with block-heeled formal shoes, you won’t feel as much pressure on your feet, and you’ll always have a steady platform to walk, move, or dance on! Do you want to know which designs from our 2021 range that we love as formal shoes? Low block heels are a fantastic option! 


Maybe you’ll fall in love with a pair bearing a braided top band. Strappy styles are a popular pick with ladies this season, particularly ones with a little band over the big toe. You also can’t go wrong with classic slide-on formal shoes with two classic horizontal straps. 


If you’re heading outdoors, then our heeled boots will work beautifully!


The most comfortable formal shoes to wear to outdoor venues are usually boots, especially when it is cold or rainy. Even short ankle boots will provide more protection and coverage for your feet than your typical pumps or block heels. Our calf-high and thigh-high boots can even keep your legs warm if you want to wear a short dress, skirt, or playsuit when it’s cold, which is something you can’t say about regular formal shoes. 


Any boots with platforms in the Wildfire collection are block heels, so you don’t need to worry about getting achy feet. You can dance from dawn until dusk (and well into the evening!) in a pair of these wintry formal shoes. So, if you’re looking for something to take out for an event that lasts the entire day or night, then you know where to start! But remember, boots aren’t purely the pragmatic choice; they are also a stylish option! Since our boots come with block heels, they’ll make your legs look slim and lithe.


Form-fitting faux suede will hug your calves in a flattering way, while leather-look formal shoes offer a sleek side profile. Ankle-high boots can add a bold feeling to your party outfits, but if you want to make a big statement, then over-the-knee boots are the way to go! 


Who says that you’re obligated to wear heels? 


When most people look to buy formal shoes, they’re naturally going to think about block heels, stilettos, and other pumps. We know that most girls won’t immediately look for comfortable sandals and slides to wear for a black-tie event. If you adore formal shoes with mid-high or massive heels, then that’s no issue. After all, some of our most elegant and classic cocktail heels are enduring favourites at Wildfire. 


Unfortunately, for ladies who find it challenging to spend their night on platforms, it may seem like there is no other choice but to play along. They’ll wear pumps because they’d feel sloppy or underdressed otherwise. Don’t you think that it’s time to change that way of thinking? Nowadays, there are so many more formal shoes to choose from than your typical ballet flats.


Why not select something for your next event that looks great with your outfit and won’t be a struggle to walk in either? You’ll feel more confident and enjoy the festivities in formal shoes that feel great! This season forget about watching from the sidelines because you have sore feet. You can dance all night long in our sandals, slides, and other flats!


Let us help you get started with a few of our favourite flat formal shoes! 


Flatforms are an excellent place to start. With their boosted soles, these trendy sandals are a hot pick for ladies who want a height boost without the complications that can come from a steep incline. 


You won’t feel any extra strain or pressure on your feet or leg muscles if you take flatforms as your new formal shoes. In 2021, the trendiest flatforms at Wildfire come with features like braided rope texture around the base, buckled ankle straps, thick top bands, and sweet peep-toes. They’ll bring a summertime vibe to any outfit, so they’re gorgeous formal shoes matched with print dresses and pastel outfits. 


Otherwise, you can keep things simple with a cute pair of slides! These simplistic formal shoes can add a touch of style to our ensemble without taking the attention away from your chosen outfit. With their slide-in fit and peep toes, these are easy to get on and off, and they feel cool on your feet. 


In the range from 2021 at Wildfire, we like them best as formal shoes if they have oversized metallic buckles, crocodile print material, and braided or raffia texture. Have you had a look at what we have on offer in this section? Go and have a scroll through the range on our website, and something is sure to steal your heart! 


Have a look for yourself! 


We’ve told you which of our formal shoes we think you should be watching out for at Wildfire. Still, don’t take our word for it without forming your own opinion! There are heaps of other formal shoes and designs that we haven’t mentioned, and one of those could be the pair of your dreams. Scroll through our range at your leisure and see which styles stand out. A pretty new pair of flats or a classic cocktail heel could take your fancy, but you won’t know until you start looking properly!

Shop at Wildfire this year, and the comfiest formal shoes can be yours!