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Bring out your wild side with the best looking block heels of the season! Wildfire has your ideal pair waiting on our shelves, just itching to get picked and packed and sent home to you. Are you ready to browse through our fantastic block heels?

Comfort you are sure to love

You get a sturdy and supportive base to stand on when you buy block heels. The chunky platform provides better surface contact with the ground than thin or slim styles, which means block heels instantly lessen the strain that might otherwise get placed on your feet. As such, you can wear taller styles for longer without pain-causing pressure from building.

What occasions suit them best?

Block heels will be the perfect fit for everything from a casual stroll on a sunny day to a formal occasion with friends, family, or colleagues.

There has been an impressive surge in everyday popularity for block heels in 2018. More and more girls are hitting the streets with their best new shoes paired with their favourite old t-shirt and jeans. Then again, who can blame them? This look brings a style that feels effortless.

For more traditional and fancy occasions, the long-lasting comfort of block heels makes them an ideal pick for weddings or bridal parties. If you are absolutely against wearing wedges or flats on the big day, then your next-best choice for comfort has got to be: block heels. Unlike tall, skinny stilettos, these shoes can last the distance. There's no need to worry about sinking into a lawn, slipping through deck gaps, or stumbling over uneven ground. The sturdy and supportive bases on our block heels should be able to tackle all but the most volatile terrain at the reception or venue.

Strappy styles

Block heels with straps that crisscross over the bridge of the foot are increasingly popular. You have the to option to tie them yourselves or pick a look with a buckle. With the full-lace style, we love the fact that you can tie them up as low and tight around the ankle or high up the calves as you want. On the other hand, for more security and surety, you could always go with a set of buckled block heels. These are an excellent choice for girls who are forever on the move and who don't have time to waste on tying up their block heels.

Pointy-toed beauties

Who doesn't love some sweet block heels with pointed toes? Our top picks in this style come in a glossy patent or with a soft and smooth faux suede. These bring your feet a flattering shape and help them appear both narrower and slightly longer. Going for some pointy-toed block heels as opposed to a rounded style will bring your wardrobe an unexpected little twist and a fresh feel.

Colours and finishes

Now, this is where choosing the right pair of block heels can be a lot of fun! At Wildfire, our range has the hottest trends of the season. How do you feel about a vibrant fuchsia or a bold and vivacious red? These eye-catching colours can make for some quaint and quirky style combinations. Beyond that, we have everyone's favourite versatile blacks, whites, and naturals. For a formal or wedding look, we have to recommend metallic block heels or something with some sparkle. Try a sleek rose gold, glittery silver finish, or block heels with a band of diamantes across the toes!

Start the search today!

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