Our Tips for Walking in Block Heels

You are most likely on this page because you are into block heels and want to learn how to walk in them without pain and discomfort. Lucky for you, these shoes give you height and confidence without pain and discomfort. So why are they not painful?


Because at Wildfire, they have the most versatile and timeless styles of heels and block heel shoes which provide excellent ankle and leg support while still delivering plenty of elegance and style points. For a stylish range of block-heel styles to suit any look, Wildfire has got you covered. With a wide variety of leathers, colours, and seasonal styles, explore our range of block heels for shoes that give you comfort for all-day wear – and night!


Block heels provide more support, and the larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly. But are block heels better for your feet? Do you know that heeled shoes are better for your feet than completely flat ones?


Block heels are shoes with broader and thicker bases, providing better support and stability than stilettos, which have narrow points for you to balance. Although these shoes are already winning on the comfort aspect, they are still under the high shoe category. Anyone who wants to walk in them gracefully would need a few tips and tricks up their sleeve.


Block heel shoe is very affordable. Sometimes prices are low to high, high to low, for we have quality and value shoe products and services that brand Z. Thankfully can rank; the team at Wildfire is here to help you in this overwhelming situation.


There needs to be more than owning an excellent pair of block heels. You must strut in them and exude confidence.


Tip 1 - Expect Wobbly First Times


There will be a bit of discomfort in any situation you experience the first time. Whether it's your first time wearing block heels or you haven't for a while, you will wobble. Expect a curse or shriek once in a while as you make your way around.


Wearing block heels or any shoe with height will knock you off balance. This is because our bodies move forward due to additional pressure on the backs of our feet, which also affects how we balance and walk. As a result, you may feel awkward or unsteady wearing block heels.


They may also strain muscles and body parts that have never been under stress.


Tip 2 - Practice Makes Perfect


It's best to practice walking on your toes around the home even before you get your new block heels because it will strengthen your calves and improve your confidence and balance. Then, once you've gotten your pair from Wildfire, test them on as many different types of floorings as you can, such as carpet, slippery surfaces, and stairways.


Tip 3 - Remember, it's Heel to Toe - Not the Other Way Around


Wearing block heels would require putting your heel down first before the toe. Never put your whole foot down at once. Your centre of gravity changes when you wear block heels; therefore, maintaining good posture is essential.


Maneuvering staircases can be tricky, but you must secure a foothold on the first foot before putting the second foot down. Maximize using a guardrail by hanging on to it when you can. We believe in being safe than sorry.


Tip 4 - Take Small Steps and Walk Slowly


Maintaining your equilibrium can be challenging since block heels may alter your balance. For example, did you know that your stride gets shorter as your shoe height rises? As such, it's best to take smaller steps.


Take your time walking from point A to point B in your block heels because it keeps you safe and gives you confidence.


Tip 5 - Lean Back Slightly


You might discover that you desire to go more quickly than your block heels allow, so you hunch your neck forward to make up the difference. Allowing yourself to lean just a little bit back when walking in block heels will counterbalance your tendency to lean forward, which results in an odd appearance.


Tip 6 - Envision a Straight Line to the End Goal


Even if you felt like a star in Wildfire's shoes, it would be good to add a little hip shimmy while walking in an imaginary straight line. Look at your goal point and envision a straight line leading to it. Do not look down when walking in block heels.


Tip 7 - Ensure that Your Block Heels Fit


Ill-fitting block heels make walking naturally difficult, if not impossible. So either you remove them accidentally or hurt yourself in the process. One way to ensure your block heels fit perfectly is to break them in.


A quick and straightforward way to break them in is wearing thick socks while walking around the house. This process will slightly stretch your block heels while shaping them to fit your feet. But did you know that wearing thick socks and wiggling your toes while blow-drying your block heels will expand them?


There's no reason to get blisters when you can stretch them to fit your feet perfectly.


Buying The Correct Heel Will Determine Your Comfort Level


We mentioned how block heels are the best when it comes to providing height and comfort at the same time. But, unfortunately, only some kinds of high shoes are equal. While stilettos can elongate your legs and make you look extra sexy, they are called killers for a reason.


Some even joke that you can use them as weapons! Choosing block heels will alleviate the impact on your feet with each step. You'll thank us later on for our tips and the recommendation to choose block heels because reducing the wobbliness releases tension and soreness in your lower back.   


Are You Prepared to Walk the Walk in Block Heels?


Checkout! Visit your nearest store or shop online. Search our page for sign-ups. Knowing how to walk in these high shoes is half the battle. It's now time to put the principles into action. Head to the Wildfire online shop or the nearest stockist to get a pair.


Providing ample time between your purchase and the event for practice is best. Our affordable shoes and flexible payment systems, such as Afterpay and Zip, will keep your budget strong. In addition, you have the option to buy now and pay later.


You might be interested in our block heels made of vegan-friendly materials. Vegan-friendly materials did not use any animal products in their production. The environment and all its inhabitants will thank you for it.


Please continue shopping with us and have a good time.