Our Top Picks for Wedding Shoes

Congratulations are in order because you’re likely here in search of the best wedding shoes for your big day! Hopefully, there’s enough time left until your special day because some styles require more practice.


Depending on your needs and priorities, Wildfire has the wedding shoes for you.


With so many things on your to-do list, we’d like to help you tick them off quickly and efficiently. 


The team at Wildfire has been helping brides find their perfect pair of wedding shoes for years, and you’re not an exception. May our tips and recommendations help you find the best footwear to celebrate your big day.


At the heart of this milestone and momentous celebration is a pair of wedding shoes to ensure you have the time of your life. Your footwear will determine your comfort and how you spend your day. 


Years from now, you will review the photographs and remember that your wedding shoes helped you through hours of walking, dancing on the dance floor, and mingling.


Reminisce about your captivating walk down the aisle and how your footwear helped you through the nerves. With Wildfire’s top picks, you will have several fond memories. As such, let’s start going through them.


1. Styles based on height


Different brides have varied priorities for their wedding shoes. Some would be very adamant about height. 


These brides prefer high-heeled wedding shoes, which can add many centimetres. They likely have tall partners and like having little difference between them on their wedding day.


For a taller pair of wedding shoes, please choose Hitched, an aptly named block heel from Wildfire’s bridal and evening heels collection. 


This online-exclusive pair has a buckled ankle strap, which provides adjustability and security to keep your footwear attached to your feet comfortably as you dance the night away. 


These block heels are the ideal wedding pair to wear for hours, despite standing at 9cm, because they distribute your weight evenly and ensure you won’t feel strain or pressure from the entire wedding party.


However, some brides prefer a slight elevation from the ground. This kind of wedding shoe would have a low heel, like Soho. The style’s slip-on slim-strap design creates a sexy silhouette, which adds more character to your overall look.


2. Styles based on toe boxes


Do you prefer to expose your toes or cover them?


When deciding on the perfect fit for bridal heels you’ll wear on your big day, you must consider the weather and season since it’s a terrible mistake to wear open toes when it's cold. Trust us; you won't feel comfortable!


If weather is not an issue, choosing which toe box will provide all-day comfort depends on what you prefer. A quick check on your shoe collection will determine the answer.


For open-toed, comfortable wedding shoes, please make a pedicure appointment so your toes are clean and presentable. Soulmate is an excellent Wildfire option. This pair is ideal if you’re wearing a short dress. 


The gorgeous bow at the back of these open-toed heels is a unique detail deserving of exposure. It uses vegan-friendly materials (the perfect choice for the modern bride!) with durability and a buckled ankle strap for adjustability.


On the one hand, if closed-toe wedding shoes are your thing, you can choose from Wildfire’s closed-toe heels. Desire will leave you wanting more opportunities to wear them again. 


These gorgeous wedding shoes have a diamante bow design to make you stand out on your wedding day. The buckled ankle straps also have diamantes to keep you looking and feeling great! You may compare these shoes with popular bridal catalog options like Bella Belle. One thing is for sure: we can give them a run for their money!


3. Styles based on colour


Some brides are surprised when they discover they can now wear bridal shoes of any colour. While traditional ones still opt for white, brides can wear what they want—it’s their special day, so they’re the boss. 


The Wildfire evening and bridal heels collection comes in twelve colours: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


Usually, brides who veer away from white wedding shoes choose a colour that matches their theme or motif. 


For instance, they will select green if the bridesmaids wear green dresses. Since we’ve already mentioned green, Wildfire’s Astonish deserves your attention.


Astonish is a pair of bridal shoes that will blow you (and your wedding guest) away with their gorgeous silky material. These block heels will make any bride look elegant, thanks to the signature top strap and oversized bow detail on top.


Traditional brides have gorgeous options in white. The bridal shoes that you should consider are Impress. 


Impress is aptly named because it will leave a lasting positive impression with its slim double straps around the ankle, toes, and bridge of the foot, adorned with delicate rhinestones for some extra sparkle! 


Additional Tips for Bridal Shoes


While most of the wedding shoes at Wildfire are comfortable as they are, here are some tips to make wearing them effortless. This stylish footwear deserves more public appearances, so wear it after your big day.


  • Practice


Never buy bridal shoes two days before the wedding because your feet must get used to the feel. Practise walking in your chosen style for thirty minutes daily to develop muscle memory. After too much practice, you’ll walk as if your footwear is second skin.


  • Buy Inserts


Gel cushions and heel grips are some of the inserts worth investing in. They are reusable and keep you blister-free even after hours of wearing your wedding shoes. These God-sent things are miracle workers, helping you remain cosy.


  • Coordinate Accessories


Please remember that less is more. We want you to shine based on your natural glow rather than on so many adornments. If you prefer to go big on your jewellery, let it be your accent piece, keeping your wedding shoes minimalist. If you plan to do it the other way, apply the same rule. 


Suppose you've already found your wedding footwear. Check out the options we have right now on the bridesmaid shoes page! Your bridesmaids will need beautiful shoes to match their gowns and your wedding gown on your big day.


You can quickly search and compare shoes with clear filters and our quick view option. You can get free shipping and exclusive discounts if you create an account and checkout. So, why not try Wildfire for your wedding needs?


Make Unforgettable Memories with Your Wedding Dress and Wildfire's Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes!


Please make the most of your big day with our top picks! These shoes will keep you stylish, safe, and comfortable. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer store or shop for your bridal shoes online now! Online shopping has its benefits that you can take advantage of.