Picking the Perfect Pair: Should Wedding Shoes be High or Flat?

Picking the perfect partner to wed you for life is hard enough, but finding the right pair of wedding shoes, now that’s the toughest process any girl has to go through. Okay, maybe we are a little dramatic, but hopefully, you understand what we are saying.


Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes can be one of the hardest tasks anyone has to face and is unnecessary stress for the bride to be. Picking the perfect pair of wedding shoes often comes with a heated debate on whether they should be high or flat.


To solve this debate, we have gathered a selection of wedding shoes that are both high and flat so you can have plenty of options to choose from. But, of course, it is all a personal choice on whether you want to wear high or flat wedding shoes and from what we know, it depends on the wedding dresses.


Different wedding heels might look better with long wedding dresses, but a pair of wedding flats might suit the mother of the bride and bridesmaid’s occasion dresses better. It all depends on whether the pair of wedding shoes can accentuate the look and tie it all together, rather than whether wedding shoes should be high or flat.


Take a read below of our top picks on both high and flat wedding shoes. We know there will be a stunning pair of wedding shoes waiting just for you, girl!


 Style 1 – Block Heels


Okay, girls, say hello to the perfect pair of wedding shoes that combine both the high and flat aspects into one. That’s right! We are talking about block heels. These trendy guys are making headlines throughout the fashion world because of their level of comfort and flexibility.


Block heels are the ultimate style of wide fit wedding shoes because they pair well with any occasion dresses and can easily take you from morning until night with ease. In addition, block heels offer a low base which means your feet will not be on such a high elevation as other wedding heels and minimises the amount of strain you will have to place on your feet.


These wedding shoes also come in a range of different colours and designs, so you can find something super unique to suit your bridal aesthetic. We love finding block heels in a range of bright and fluorescent colours because these can help your outfit to stand out from the crowd.


If you are after a more subtle vibe, you are in luck because block heels also come in a range of pastel colours. The best thing about these wedding shoes is that they also offer unique and funky heel designs. You can find block heels with a kitten heel, cake stand heel, or even a clear heel. The options are endless, with a pair of block heels as your choice of wedding shoes. We know you will fall in love with these heel pumps, sis!


Style 2 – Stilettos


Take your look to the next level with a pair of stilettos. These wedding shoes are the go-to style of wide fit women shoes for when you want to look like a million bucks. Stilettos are a timeless classic which means that it frequently comes in and out of fashion each season.


Stilettos are the style of wedding shoes that not many women would reach for, especially if it is your special day. We all know these are hard to walk in for an extended period, so this factor alone can deter any girl from choosing these heel pumps. However, stilettos heeled sandals are a gorgeous heel style that makes for the most elegant choice of wedding shoes. These wedding shoes can effortlessly turn your look from mediocre to out of this world in an instant. 


The only downfall of these stilettos is that they can become uncomfortable very quickly. This tip may make it challenging for the bridal party to walk down the aisle or dance at the reception. 


The best advice we could give you if you choose to wear a pair of stilettos as your bridal shoes for your special day is to make sure you have a second pair of heel pumps as a backup. Your backup pair of wedding shoes will make all the difference when you change into them after a few hours on your feet. We have got you sorted, girl!


Style 3 – Platform Heels


The platform heeled sandals are a gorgeous style of wedding shoes for any girl to wear. If you are the bride to be or a bridesmaid, you can easily rock these super cute wedding shoes. Similarly, platform heeled sandals are high in heel height which means you can get sore feet earlier.


The best thing to do is have a backup pair of wedding shoes ready to go when your feet start to ache. But, before we get to this stage, you have the opportunity to flaunt your platform heeled sandals. We love a cute pair of platform heeled sandals, and we know you will too!


These wedding shoes offer more support for your feet compared to stilettos. This look is perfect for girls who enjoy wearing high wedding heels because of the extra level of heel height. In addition, these wedding shoes pair perfectly with long wedding dresses.


This tip works perfectly for girl’s who are short and need to wear a pair of wedding heels that can keep the wedding dresses above the ground. The worst feeling to experience is finding dirt and grass stains at the bottom of your wedding dresses (don’t worry, we have all been there!). A pair of platform wedding heels will save the day with this look!


Style 4 – Strappy, Self-tie Flats


Now, we start up the debate of whether high or flat wedding shoes are better. Of course, both styles would look perfect with any dress for a special day. But, only some wedding flats can pass as suitable wedding shoes. One style we are obsessed with right now is the self-tie, strappy wedding flats. These look gorgeous as wedding shoes, thanks to their elegant self-tie straps. This look is inspired by the design of ballet slippers, which always looks flawless on professional dancers.


So, why not try out a pair of strappy, self-tie wedding flats for yourself and watch them become your go-to pair of wedding shoes. Even if they are flat, they allow you to style them with different occasion dresses in the way you like most. Our favourite pairing is these wedding shoes with a super cute and flowy midi dress. It is a look that is to die for!


Style 5 – Jewelled Flats


If you want to wear a pair of wedding flats as your choice of wedding shoes, then why not add a unique touch to the women shoes. Find yourself in some jewelled flats for your special day. These flats are a gorgeous addition to your look and ensure to maintain the elegant aesthetic.


Jewelled flats can come in various wedding accessories, including chains, beads, pearls, and glitter. But, no matter what the sparkly addition to the wedding flats is, we know that they will look stunning as your wedding shoes. These wedding flats look best when paired with a flowy, mini dress because it allows you to flaunt your legs. All eyes will be on you, babe!


Style 6 – Sandals


Keep things super casual and girly with a pair of heeled sandals. These women shoes are the perfect type of wedding shoes if you love a simple and laidback event. Sandals can come in both a flat version and a high version, so you have plenty of options to choose from.


Wedding flats sandals are perfect to wear with long dresses or bodycon midi dresses as the women shoes allow the outfit to stand out more. On the other hand, if you are keen to wear some high heeled sandals, style them with a flowy midi dress to give you that princess vibe.   


Heeled sandals are a simple style of women shoes to wear for your special day and take things back to basics. The simplistic vibe is a must-have for wholesome and laidback events.   


Found Your Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes?


If you have found your perfect pair of heel pumps that will look perfect on your special day, then it is time to celebrate. Finally, the hardest part is over, and your outfit is complete – woohoo! So, if you are tossing between high heeled sandals, low heel, mid heel, or flats, why not head over to the shoes online store, Wildfire website, to gain some more inspiration. We know you will make the right choice, babe!