Sandals Perfect For Your Summer Vacation!

The Best Sandals For Summer


Are you getting ready for your summer escape? Ready to pack your suitcase and get going? Make sure that you save some space for our great sandals! Shoes like these are must-have for holidaymakers, and now is the perfect time to browse your options.


So, which of our shoes will make your trip amazing?


1) Strappy sandals


Flat sandals are our go-to for summer vacationers for a whole score of reasons, and the quintessential styles for every woman’s suitcase during the warmer months.


First, they’re the perfect style to switch between casual and formal wear


To wear these sandals out and about in different places, all you have to do is change your clothes! Self-tie straps draw attention to your calves, so they’ll look gorgeous with anything that shows them off. You can wear a faithful pair of denim shorts, your hottest patterned skirt, or embrace the holiday vibes with an airy floral dress, and still look great!


For a no-brainer style that offers excellent versatility, Wildfire sandals are your best bet!


Second, they will make your legs look sensational


Our faux suede sandals make your legs look amazing. However you choose to configure them, the long ties on these flats have a way of slimming down your legs. Bunching the laces of your sandals low is an easy way to make ankles look thinner if you don’t want to lace them up higher. Of course, if you prefer to put them up higher, then stretching up the laces can make your calves appear slender.  


And, since you’re probably going to be taking your fair share of photographs during your travel, our pretty sandals are one way to ensure that you always have a smile on your face!   


Third, no matter what your day has in store, Wildfire sandals are comfortable to wear


Whether you’re relaxing by a pool in the tropics, soaking up the local scenery and atmosphere, or heading out for a whirlwind day of adventure, our sandals won’t let you down!


Since they’re flats, you’ll be comfortable walking on a host of surfaces that heels would find challenging. Whether you need something to kick your feet up in or endure hours of sustained walking and standing, our elegant sandals are up to scratch. Also, you’ll get to enjoy the feel of their soft faux suede fabric.


2) Block-heeled sandals


Need some sandals for fancy venues? We think these are another excellent pick for your summer vacation. At Wildfire, our favourites have structured silhouettes that can bring a formal-but-relaxed feel to any outfit. These make a natural pairing with maxi dresses or long skirts when you need a little height boost to keep them from dragging on the ground. With their partially-enclosed style and cool tie-up tops, we think these heeled sandals could be a top pick at any getaway destination!


3) Mule-styles


Not every woman wants to spend her getaway by the poolside. If your travel plans include top-end restaurants or party events, then we have to recommend mule-style shoes. These open-backed sandals are trendy, breathable in hot weather, and have a base that’s easy to walk in on uneven surfaces. Even in the sand, you can trust block heels to help keep you stable and upright.


This season, sandals of this sort look best with a see-through strap worked into the design. Our clear-banded mules have a thick translucent top band and a skinnier fabric one across the toes. That way, you can enjoy the aesthetic of these sandals without stressing about getting them dirty. Plus, you have support and style in one.


So, which ones will be going in your shopping cart?


Get sandals that can bring out your wild side and make your next holiday one you'll remember!