Sandals That Will Still Dress Up Your Outfit!

Are You Searching For The Perfect Sandals? 


Do you have some sensational new sandals to spice up your wardrobe? Wildfire has the perfect lineup of modern classics to meet your expectations.  We’re here today with a handful of our favourites for 2018!


A great colour palette


Our sandals come in a vast array of colours to combine effortlessly with your current wardrobe!


Natural styles are the best match for girls who love neutral colours, vibrant patterns, and a general laid-back air during the summertime.


Sandals in black are classy, easy to pair off with other colours and make an excellent choice for formal wear.


For some more sophisticated and gorgeous-feeling dress shoes, sandals in silver, gold, or glitter finishes are a flawless fit! You can even accessorise clutches and jewellery to match, or try some shimmery makeup!


Dress up with diamantes


There’s somewhat unfair stereotype around sandals that labels them as an informal or lazy-day style. In reality, there are dozens of variations and designs of sandals around that are made for formal events and sophisticated wear.


Diamante-covered sandals are an excellent way to add some glamour and glitz to your look. Rhinestones can bring a timeless and elegant style to any woman’s wardrobe. And, best of all, they are a lower and more supportive style than more high heels.


Love a little heel?


Block bases on sandals are a sneaky way to put a sleek profile on your feet without compromising comfort. It should be no surprise that we love these at Wildfire! The low incline extends your legs ever so slightly, which gives a toned and elongated look for your legs and ankles. Additionally, while you won’t get as elongated a look as you would have with heels, block-based sandals more than make up for it in the comfort department!


Tie it yourself


Lace-up styles have to be some of our most popular sandals. Their lovely faux suede finishes add a whole new element of style to any outfit and provide you with a great excuse to try out some bolder materials with the rest of your look.


While these sandals don’t have a heel or wedge base to speak of, they do help your legs slim down and look skinnier!


The higher up your legs that you lace these flat sandals, the longer your calves can appear! We love these in a stylish crisscross up your legs, for a ballerina-inspiring aesthetic! These flat sandals will also be a great match with flowing dresses in solid colours, skirts in bold print patterns, and classic denim shorts.


Where you might wear them


Parties are a great place to wear sandals! Because of their trendy designs and long-lasting comfort, you can dance the night away in style!


Sandals would be a cute pair to wear to a picnic as well! There’s nothing better than spending a sunny day out on the grass with your friends, family, or that special someone! Flat sandals are probably your best bet on lawns as well, if only because you don’t want your heels sinking into the ground, or stabbing holes in the picnic blanket!


Weddings (especially the beach kind) are a perfect pairing with some fancy sandals. You get the relaxed feel of your regular summery slides, but with a more elegant touch for the occasion.


So, what sort will light up your wardrobe this season?


If you’re ready to start the summer off in style, then bring out our wild side with a pair of our stunning sandals! With a great range to choose from and helpful staff only a few clicks away, it’s never been easier to shop at Wildfire!