Save Your Feet From the Pain of Stilettos With Block Heels!


Are you tired of stilettos making your feet sore?

Treat yourself to lasting comfort with a brand new set of block heels. Our excellent collection has everything you could hope for and then some! We’ve compiled a short set of their benefits below, so read on for all the details!


Block heels can go outside easily


The broad base on these shoes provides the perfect foundation to walk on outdoors. While you still need to be careful when traversing on soft or uneven grounds, block heels have a better time of it than stilettos. Skinny points have a bad habit of sinking into the ground, whereas a wider style can keep balance and hold its place. Getting across lawns, decks, stone paths, or even over wet or icy pathways is much more manageable with a pair of block heels on your feet.


If you’re going to an event hosted in an outdoor venue and want shoes that can give you a height lift, then block heels are the best choice! We have plenty of excellent styles for you to make your selection from this season, including our ultra-trendy structured block heels. Try a set of these pin-punched sandals and give your ensemble an instant boost! Dancing will be no issue in block heels of this sort, and you can complement your hottest festival wear with our gorgeous styles.


Get hours and hours of steady comfort


As we mentioned above, our high shoes have a sturdy base and reduce the strain placed on your feet. Knowing this, it should be no surprise that block heels are our top recommendation for extended events. If you’re determined not to wear flats, then there’s nothing better to have on your feet when you’re out all day or partying from dusk until dawn.


Block heels are an obvious choice for weddings and bridal wear. Even the shortest ceremonies involve a reception, after-party, or other celebration. If you feel your wedding attire will look sloppy with flats, or dread the thought of wearing stilettos for more than a few hours, then block heels will be the perfect middle ground.


These shoes are also excellent for wear at work too. We have elegant pointy-toed styles that will make you look polished and professional, as well as strappy block heels that will add the fun back into a stiff or tired office wardrobe. Walking, driving, or taking public transport into your workplace will also be no struggle with our block heels to support you.


You can barely feel the height


Block heels have another advantage over pumps and other slim styles, which is the way they evenly distribute your body weight. Instead of piling pressure onto a single minuscule point, block heels spread it out. Reducing the burden placed on your feet also lessens the chances of cramps, muscle fatigue, and general soreness when you wear these shoes. Unlike stilettos, where you’ll feel every single centimetre that you stand on, block heels allow you to choose taller designs without worrying about tiring yourself out.


Our block heels range from high to low


Just because you can choose the highest of our styles without feeling the consequences, it doesn’t mean that you have to! At Wildfire, our versatile options vary from as low as two centimetres to around twelve. Ladies of all experiences and confidence levels can try our different designs until they find their ideal match. You have all the freedom and should find something that suits your needs and preferences quickly.


Now, what style should you get?


Jump online and browse the Wildfire collection to find out. Our fantastic block heels are only a few clicks away, so get to it!