Save yourself pain and wear Wildfire’s stylish block heels

Wildfires Stylish Block Heels 

Are you still clinging onto your stilettos? You do know they aren't the be-all and end-all of fashionable footwear, right? At Wildfire, we thought it was time to turn your attention to block heels.

The pros and cons of stilettos

Now, we all love stilettos. They are swanlike, dainty, and graceful. They make your legs look long and gorgeous in whatever you wear. Trust us; we understand the appeal— our stilettos are favourites because of the stunning decorations and glittery additions we use to decorate them. They are a must-have in a woman's formal shoe collection; especially when they are slim, strappy, and have structured silhouettes. So why choose block heels?

Stilettos can be a pain

It is much more difficult to walk on tiny stiletto points that it is to walk in block heels. Block heels are far less challenging to wear for extended periods of time. Honestly, the one wedding where you wear stilettos will probably be enough to put you off of them for life. Block heels, on the other hand, are made for hours of painless wear.

Stilettos can also make walking across certain surfaces a significant challenge or even a health hazard. If you have even broken shoes off in a deck or face-planted because your stilettos slid out from under you, then you already understand. Such things are no problem with block heels.

More stability

Who doesn't need a little more security in their life? At Wildfire, we are here to give you a firmer foot to stand on. Our block heels have chunkier platforms and thicker bases to balance on, so you can take surer steps in your shoes. By providing more surface contact with the ground, block heels help distribute your body weight more evenly through your legs, as opposed to forcing all the pressure onto your ankles, feet, and knees. The perks are obvious. With less stress on one or two points of your body, you can wear taller block heels for longer without feeling the pain. Not only will you feel more confident and steady, but you will also get all the effects of elongated legs that you would have with stilettos.

Choose from gorgeous styles and find your best fit

Not to tap our own shoes or anything, but block heels from Wildfire come in all sorts of stunning styles. We have structured sandals for beachy days and floaty dresses. Do you love delicate straps and block heels? Wear our open-toed block heels with prints and bold colours.

Want to wear block heels with casually and formally? Find lace-up styles that will lengthen your legs and crisscross over your calves. Cut-off jeans will work a treat when you wear them out to lunch or on a coffee date, while they can switch from day to night in a second with a change of clothes.

Add some of our mules to your wardrobe this season; they are all the rage! With their thick stylish straps and comfy block heels, these are perfect for casual or office wear when you mix and match them with printed or patterned pants and a block-colour blouse.

Otherwise, try for a more dramatic addition to your party wear will some of our standout block heels. How about some boots? Wildfire has boots that stretch over-the-knees with block heels. These are a statement with any outfit, but we love these best with skirts or dress that allow a little flash of skin.

Changed your mind yet?

Stable, reliable, chic, and comfortable, block heels are perfect for anyone who loves wearing high styles and is sick of foot cramps. When will you buy your next pair? Shop block heels at Wildfire, and bring out your wild side.