School Formal Coming Up? Check Out These Formal Shoe Styles from Wildfire!

Are you excited about the most epic event of your Australian high school life? We bet you are, and what better way to shine that night than by wearing a pair of formal shoes from Wildfire? Wildfire men's shoes have various styles for school dress, especially for men in Australia and worldwide.


It's the one time in high school when you can dress up, dance the night away, and put all the assignments and tests you worked so hard on to the back of your mind. In short, a night to have fun. But these men's shoes are not only for school formal but also for any occasion. 


An occasion like a wedding. These formal men's shoes are typically designed for the wedding entourage. In Australia, most men and women are very particular about style and colours. So we've got these foot forward products for your best foot. 


Wear your favourite pair of formal men's school shoes to impress others with different styles, colours and brands. You've been dreaming about this since your first year of high school, planning what dress and formal shoes to wear. You want to remember the last big moment you spent with friends.


In short, you dream of looking your best during the most memorable night of your high school life. So, what do you do first? Pick the perfect pair of formal shoes. You'll be spending around four hours socializing and dancing, and we do not want you wincing in pain or tripping all over the dance floor.


Dress shoes look fabulous in many colours. Wildfire has a selection of formal shoes that can match every stunning dress imaginable. So ditch your old brands' hush puppies and invest in these favourite men's shoes.


How to Pick the Ideal Pair of Formal Shoes?


The first step is to determine your outfit. Choosing the kind of formal shoes to wear will depend on your attire. Should they match your cocktail dress? Of a full-length gown? 


Pick the colours that match your dress shoes. Your dress shoes will look elegant in style and colours. Then, mark your date on your wedding day; this is the best day for you to look stunning and stand out. So, put your best foot forward on your particular date. 


Search and use filters; this is a great way to start looking best foot forward if you are new to the school. The next step is to consider the colour of the formal shoes that will make you remember your special night. 


Let's be honest here. You will take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos, and you do not want to regret looking at your footwear years later. Wildfire has formal shoes in the following colours: black, clear, natural, silver, and white. Silver is a good colour for proper shoes as they add sophistication to the overall look. 


In addition, they complement black and white outfits. Black formal shoes are a safe bet because they add a subdued elegance. The brown colour looks great too. The colour brown is best for an occasion like your wedding day. Most importantly, how good are you with heels? 


Walking, standing, and dancing in heels are critical considerations when choosing the ideal formal shoes for you. You can wear high or low depending on the event. We're assuming that this is your first important social event and that you don't have much experience wearing heels. 


Worry not, Cinderella. As your fairy godmothers at Wildfire, we will help you with the different types of heels for formal shoes. We do not want you running away from the venue in tears, limping, and throwing your glass slippers behind.




Heels can either be your best friend or your worst enemy during a dance. It depends massively on the type of heel you choose for your formal shoes and how they are. You can choose high or low, depending on the occasion. Men's shoes with heels are not perfect for school proper.


Style 1 - Low


Let's ease your worries a bit and start with the low heels. A pair of low heels gives comfort to your legs. Low heels are the bestseller for most older people in Australia. It provides the best foot forward to them.

You could wear formal shoes with short heels to your first significant social function. Why? 


Because you should prioritize comfort above all else, going to your first school dance already carries a lot of pressure, so wear a pair of formal shoes that are not too high but still carry the same level of style and elegance. Wildfire has a broad collection of proper shoes with low heels that you can match with your dress.


Why not go for a pair of kitten heels? Kitten heels are heaven-sent if you are feeling queasy about wearing high heels. Plus, they are cute and in season. You can continue wearing these formal shoes even after the dance because they will never go out of style.


You will thank us later if you pick a pair of Wildfire formal shoes in low heels because we just saved you from accidental injuries and muscle strain.


Style 2 - Block 


For your big night, we advise choosing block heels if you're willing to try high heels. These formal shoes are the perfect mix of comfort and height. The block's thicker heels distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet.


Can you imagine the fun you'll have as you dance with your partner and a group of friends in the most stylish formal shoes without worrying about pain? We must remind you that these events last a couple of hours, and you must be as comfortable as possible!


Another good thing about going for these formal shoes is that they are perfect for indoor and outdoor locations. Block heels won't get caught in mud, grass, or fissures on the sidewalk. Getting these formal shoes from Wildfire's collection is worth your money. 


Like block shoes, this is very popular in Australia. A pair of black shoes is the best collection on your wedding day. More styles apply to edit shops in a variety of products. Moreover, you don't have to worry about footwear size as they are available in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.


You can also confirm and double-check your footwear size with our handy Size Guide, where you can compare UK, US, and EU sizes with those of Wildfire. If you are in between sizes, we suggest going bigger.


Style 3 - Stiletto


How adventurous are you? We want to warn you early on that stilettos are sexy as hell, but they are also painful. But "No Pain, No Gain," so go all out and put on these formal shoes if you are up for the challenge. 


Wildfire has an elegant pump collection that will leave you drooling. Yes! Shop now and impress your friends with a pair of these brands. Other brands, like Hush Puppies, have differed in their style. Other shops always have a sale on price. More sale shoes are coming during season time.


Our heel heights for these formal shoes are 7, 7.5, 9, and 11. Pretty steep! Not all ladies impress in stilettos. This is their favourite pair only for parties. And since they are thin pointed heels, you will need a bit of practice and breaking in to walk in them properly. 


Set aside time before your big event to walk in your formal shoes. We recommend you walk slower and with smaller steps because these heels alter your balance. But in Australia, the price of stilleto is sometimes high and sometimes low.


Are You Ready to Dance the Night Away?

We hope all the tips we mentioned are helpful enough to kick the pre-party jitters away. Let Wildfire help make the most memorable night of your high school life more comfortable and meaningful. Shop at Wildfire and use the Google privacy policy and terms of service that apply for you to be protected.


Google's privacy policy and terms of service give rights and information about the products. Finding filters is easy to find and helps more style and colours, even the price. The price sometimes varies between high and low. 


Search our page and click filter for a more varied selection of colours. Then, go to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you to get the best pair of formal shoes. Then, add an eye-catching accent to your outfit by calling it one of our fancy clutches. 


Visit our site and sign in using American Express. American Express is acceptable. The price is very affordable. The price depends on the style. Have fun! Find your nearest shop. Continue shopping!