Searching For The Perfect Heels? We Are Here To Help!


Wildfire will let you burn bright this season!

Let us help you discover your perfect pair of heels! From short to tall, skinny to broad, and classic to modern, our diverse spread of options will leave you speechless. Find the right ones, and our heels could be your new go-to in no time at all. But, before we send you off to shop, it might be useful for you to know some more about Wildfire and the way we do things.


Shopping online is convenient and straightforward 


Browsing for footwear is so simple that anyone can do it. Our heels (and other styles) are broken up into categories for a start. But, even if you have no idea about what you want, you will have no trouble navigating our website. The search bars and filters can also narrow down options for heels as you select your desired size, colour, brand, and more. Plus, our online store provides you with the freedom to shop for heels whenever and wherever you like!


How do you check information about something you want? 


Once you are looking at a pair of heels that you want, you’ll see that there are multiple images included to give you a better all-round look at the style. As such, anyone who can’t be in to see our shoes in person won’t need to fill in the blanks with their imagination. You should have a near-perfect idea of what your heels will look like when they arrive home thanks to our high-quality images.


Each of our heels also has a description which is below the size guide. The summary will tell you a bit about the style, where you might wear it, what you could dress it with, and some of its notable features. You’re looking for heels, so keep it in mind that the height details are included in this description. Anyone interested in our vegan-friendly styles will find the material type here too. If you have any trouble loading images or need some extra information about the design, then you can find the answers here.


What do you do if you want to see the heels first? 


As we’ve said, the website has more than enough information to form a clear picture of your heels. However, if you’re strictly a try-before-you-buy type of shopper, then we can accommodate you. Spendless Shoes carries our exclusive stock, so you can find Wildfire heels on their shelves. Spendless stores are spread across Australia, especially in the major cities, so there’s a chance that one is close to you. All you need to do is head into a store and ask about Wildfire heels, and an employee will be able to direct you to your options.  


Do you need to know anything else?


If you need any assistance selecting heels, or need to ask some questions before you shop, the team at Wildfire would be happy to help you out! First, head onto the “Contact Us” page on our website. Second, fill out one of our contact forms with your query about our heels. Third, one of our team members will reply as soon as possible and help you on your way!


Find your ideal match from our collection today


Awaken your wild side with something off of our shelves. Shopping with Wildfire will save you heaps on heels and keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends. Peruse our collection at your leisure and to your pleasure today, and we’re sure you’ll find something sensational. So, why wait? Take the season by storm in your Wildfire heels, and see what our styles can do for you!