Shoes for Formal Occasions You'll Wear Frequently

It must be clearer that formal shoes are for special events only because of their name. It's time to end that belief once and for all. While proper shoes look too high-fashion for everyday scenarios, it's possible to wear them repeatedly on various occasions.


Savvy shoppers like you typically use common sense when shopping. You buy pieces that you can wear more than once. Versatility is a principal characteristic in footwear, with the same priority as comfort. These two characteristics go together when choosing formal shoes.


The times demand that we become wise with our money, so get a pair from Wildfire. Our formal shoes meet the first two characteristics we mentioned. Add affordable and stylish to that list.


Our team will share different categories you must consider to help you figure out the Wildfire formal shoes you'll wear again and again. Read on to learn more about them! 


Select the style that speaks to you


 You've probably seen these formal shoes in magazines or lifestyle and fashion videos. Perhaps you've even imagined wearing them already. But it would be best to consider what footwear you can and cannot wear.


For instance, can you walk well in high heels or flats? Do you like loud colours or tame ones? Without further ado, we present the Wildfire formal shoes of your dreams!


Style 1—Flats


It's an old-fashioned idea to think that dress shoes have to have heels. There are only specific kinds of heels you'd want to wear again and again. But why force yourself to wear heels when you can wear flats on formal occasions, too?


Today's women place a high value on comfort, which explains why more people wear flats to formal events. And because these dress shoes are easy, they are the perfect footwear to wear again and again—for brunch with friends, work, after-work dinners, weekend parties—you name it, and they're ideal!


Your legs and feet will experience less strain or tension thanks to flats that keep you comfortable and supported. These are enough reasons to put your best foot forward and impress at work or at play!


Style 2—Block Heels


We mentioned earlier that you could only wear certain heels repeatedly, and we've come to describe them. Block heels are high-heeled shoes that can be worn on multiple occasions.


The wide, thick heel evenly distributes your weight, alleviating discomfort on your feet. With these dress shoes, you get the height you crave, minus the pain. And if you choose the not-so-high version, the low-block heels, we assure you the best experience!


You'll love wearing these repeatedly because they offer stability as you rush from one event to another. 


Style 3—Heeled Boots


Have you ever thought of using heeled boots as dress shoes? This footwear is ideal, especially during the winter when you need as much warmth and coverage as possible.


The heeled boots at Wildfire are chic and comfortable (they have block heels!), so you'll keep pulling them out of the closet. Wear this footwear again and again on rainy days to keep your feet from getting wet!


Styling options for Wildfire's heeled ankle boots include dresses, skirts, and blazers! Despite not being your typical dress shoes, current fashion trends imply otherwise.


When you need more warmth, consider getting Wildfire's knee-high or thigh-high boots because they cover more skin and can camouflage under long dresses. No one would know!


Measure your size accurately.


Your ability to wear these comfortably depends on how well your footwear fits. Did you know that after a full day of activity, your feet are at their maximum size, making afternoons or nights the optimum times to buy dress shoes?


Determine your correct Wildfire size with our easy-to-use handy guide. You risk blisters or other problems if you wear them too big or too small. Getting the right ones will encourage you to wear them repeatedly.


High heels or flats


 Comfort should always come first when it comes to dress shoes, especially ones you'll wear repeatedly. After that, you can wear either heels or flats, depending on your comfort level. Both are acceptable types of footwear!


The heel height and type depend on what will support you best as you go about your day. For example, what footwear are you most comfy in for long periods? More importantly, which style can you wear confidently? 


Colour your world


 Do you prefer vibrant colours for your dress shoes? Wildfire believes fashion is self-expression. So, the colour that looks good on you might not be attractive to others, or vice versa.


Choose what appeals to you and ensure it is appropriate for the event. Some events are particular about their dress code requirements. Because of their versatility and ease of matching, classic black, natural, and tan are the most popular colours for dress shoes.


Others, on the other hand, are more daring in their choices, making their footwear the focal point and adding a pop of colour.


Determine the material


The kind of material you choose can affect your comfort. For instance, breathable footwear will make you want to wear it repeatedly because it keeps your feet fresh.


Additionally, Wildfire's footwear comes in various synthetic and vegan-friendly materials. Think about this alternative to leather because it can help the environment and all the people who live there.


Producing vegan-friendly footwear does not use animal products and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.


Express Yourself Again and Again! (And the Man in Your Life Can, Too, With Our Collection of Men's Shoes!)


We've repeated countless times how your footwear is an expression of yourself! So choose one that sings out to you and inspires you to wear it again and again.


We need a pair of dress shoes at the right price that is comfortable for special occasions. So get a new pair and throw away your Hush Puppies, Wild Rhino, Jane Debster, and Skechers brands. You should buy a pair of these women's dress shoes if you don't already have them.


Also, remember that your significant other also deserves his own pair of men's shoes from our collection!


Don't wait any longer! Head to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you!