Shoes Perfect For Australian Summer Weddings!


Do you have a Big Day coming up this summer?

Wildfire has a gorgeous collection of styles waiting for you this season. Any of our designs would make wondrous wedding shoes! Block heels and kitten-high styles are always popular favourites. Still, sandals and flats are worthy contenders for their popularity during summertime. Many brides and grooms choose to say their vows out in the sunshine; your wedding shoes should be up for anything. Well, Wildfire won’t let you down!


Strappy kitten heels are a sensible choice


Which wedding shoes could be better for an indoor ceremony? Our kitten heels are low and graceful, so this set will help you stay comfortable for longer and keep you looking lovely. What more could you ask from wedding shoes? Whether you’re a novice or an expert with wearing heels, these strappy little pumps are a prime choice. If you’re more interested in maintaining your comfort than giving yourself a height boost, then these wedding shoes are a no-brainer. Plus, since they come in shades of white or black, you can match them with any outfit. 


If you want an effortless match, trans-lucent wedding shoes are a clear choice!


You’ll find a few versions of these transparent heels on our shelves this season, and they all have the same advantageous style. Since the straps and platform of these wedding shoes are entirely see-through, there’s no way they’ll clash with your outfit. Not only will they look spectacular with your chosen outfit, but they’ll also make accessorising a breeze! And, if you want a pair of wedding shoes that you can sneak back into your ordinary wardrobe once the Big Day is over, then these are the perfect candidate!


Try our new slender block heels too! 


Turn to the side, and these mules hide their broad block heels with a slender-looking profile. If your one qualm with wearing thick-heeled wedding shoes is the fact that they look heavy under sheer bridal dresses, then these will be a dream-come-true! Our mules come in white, which is a timeless favourite with bridesmaids. The slim zigzagging top straps and trendy big toe band immediately showcase the modern design of these wedding shoes. With mules, you get all the balance and support of block heels and the sleek silhouette of a mid-high stiletto. These will be comfortable and flattering wedding shoes, so we highly recommend them this season for members of the bridal party.


Use strappy sandals and flatforms as wedding shoes


Anyone heading off to a beach or rural venue should consider a set of our strappy sandals. The faux suede ties give these a touch of elegance and formality, and so they won’t look out of place with your formal attire. Flat wedding shoes are a must-have for ladies who want to make comfort and stability their priority. Lace these lovely sandals as high or low as you like, and watch the magic happen! Ones with braided rope detailing are a popular choice, but you could also try our flatform version if you want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all the ladies in heels.


Slides would also work wonders as wedding shoes 


Once again, flats are classic wedding shoes for ladies who don’t want to worry about their feet. Our slides will make you feel right at home on the dancefloor as you celebrate with other guests and the happy couple. Crossover bands are a top feature this season, especially with an oversized circular buckle. Other popular choices include flats with bead, glitter, or rhinestone detailing. Wedding shoes from this category will take care of you, so treat yourself to a pair.


Unleash your wild side with the hottest new trends


Wildfire has wedding shoes for you, so visit us soon!