Sleek Shoes Fit For Any Wedding!

Shopping for the Big Day? Wildfire has a gorgeous assortment of wedding shoes for brides, bridesmaids, and honoured guests in 2020. Along with the loveliest block heels and stilettos, we also have some stunning flats and sandals. With so many different settings and styles of ceremonies these days (especially in summer), there are dozens of different types of wedding shoes that you might need. Today, we’ll take some of the drama and mystery out of choosing your ideal wedding shoes, so that you can look and feel great during the Big Day!


Block heels are a beautiful spot to start! 

These are lovely as wedding shoes because they’re comfortable and supportive, but also very stylish! Our favourites are minimalist designs with buckled ankle straps and a single band across the toes. If you’re looking for an easy-to-match set of wedding shoes, then you’ll love the effortlessly simple styling that comes with these! Grab a pair in white, natural, or black. You’ll be able to pair your block heels up with whichever type of outfit you want! Of course, if you’re looking for wedding shoes that are a bit more modern in 2020, then we recommend some translucent block heels instead. The see-through straps make these as straightforward with outfits as the previous styles, but they’ll bring a fun, contemporary aesthetic to your outfit as well! 


Do you love wearing stilettos for wedding shoes?

If so, we’ve got a gorgeous vintage-made-new option for you in 2020! Some of the top Wildfire trends this season are cake-stand heels, and they’re a stellar pick for brides and bridesmaids. Our customers adore the retro 90s feel, comfy top strap, and sweet peep-toes! Plus, since the platform on these wedding shoes isn’t too tall, you won’t have any trouble walking, dancing, or standing around all day and night! Of course, we also have some trendy versions of these cake-stand heels with a strappy look that you’re sure to love too. So, if you like the sound of wearing our retro pumps as your next wedding shoes, then have a look through our collection


Our flats and sandals are always a prime pick too!

Who says that wedding shoes have to come with heels? If you’re witnessing a ceremony set on the beach or a lawned area, then flats are a fantastic option! After all, you’d have a hard time getting around in stilettos or other skinny-heeled wedding shoes. As with our other styles, sandals and slides from Wildfire come in complementary colours, which means you’ll be able to match them up with formal dresses and outfits easily! 


Don’t forget about some comfort accessories for your wedding shoes!

Do you know how long the celebrations will last on the Big Day? Even if the ceremony itself is fairly quick, the reception and partying afterwards can go on well into the next morning! So, even if you’ve selected the comfiest pair of wedding shoes that you could find at Wildfire, you could still benefit from a bit of extra padding and cushioning for your feet. In our collection of accessories, we have fabric, foam, and gel innersoles in different sizes.

We recommend heel grips and half-sized innersoles for ladies in minimal heels, as these will be the most subtle addition to your wedding shoes. However, you could easily get away with full-length inserts, since your feet will cover most of them up anyway. With our care accessories in your wedding shoes, you can party longer and harder without regretting it (because of blisters or muscle cramps) in the morning! 


Who’s ready to have a look at our wedding shoes?

Wildfire’s lovely wedding shoes are waiting for you right now! Find your perfect match today!